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“Tatars of Belgium” shot a video clip about the life of the Tatar camp

“Tatars of Belgium” shot a video clip about the life of the Tatar camp

December 12,   2019

The music video was released by the “Tatars of Belgium” together with the Brussels art studio “Artem”. The author of the words and music is Sabin resident Albert Galimullin, the performer of the popular song about the search for happiness “Bakhet achkychi” – Rishat Fazlyakhmetov. In a three-minute composition, the European Tatars laid down a whole story about the life of the Tatar camp, which is located near the Spanish town of Orihuela Costa: how children from different countries study the culture and traditions of their ancestors together, and how they spend their joint school holidays. The storyline of the video illustrates the song itself – where are they, the keys to happiness, behind which the main character is ready to dive into the salty waters, climb the cliffs, overcome obstacles.

The creative project of the international camp “Tatar camp for kids in Spain” has become, first of all, an auxiliary educational tool for children of different ages, diverse characters who, for a short time of summer holidays by the Mediterranean Sea, have made acquaintance a strong friendship. Secondly, the finished product always remains an occasion for warm memories, a souvenir of the Spanish summer. Also, a song from Tatarstan will remain in young souls for a long time, perhaps it will open wider the world of modern Tatar pop.

Professional artists from Kazan Guzel Akhmedzyanova and Evgeny Nikitin temporarily became teachers at the Tatar camp for kids in Spain and gave choreography lessons. They tried to convey knowledge of how the character of the people is expressed through the language of dance, what are the features of the national costume. They became the heroes of the story. Another main role went to Leysan Gafurova from the Netherlands, whose children Daniya and Damir also rested in the camp. Passion for choreography allowed Leysan in a short time to study the elements of Spanish dance and successfully play the role of a local moody beauty. The founder of the camp, the public organization Tatars in Belgium, also invited Dinara Faiskhanova and Ramses Gabdrakhmanov to staging folk dances by Yoshkar-Ola choreographers. Filming took place in the month of August on the Costa Blanca.

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