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The centenary of the mosque of the village Kurennaya Oshma

The centenary of the mosque of the village Kurennaya Oshma

August 28, the residents of Kurennaya Oshma, a small taiga Tatar village, founded over 100 years ago by the Tatars-Stolypins, celebrated the 100th anniversary of their mosque. Not many 100-year-old mosques have preserved in a wooden performance in the cities and villages of Russia. There are three unique historical temples (mosques) in the Krasnoyarsk krai have preserved. Total, over 200 guests and the entire population of the village Kurennaya Oshma took part in the festivities. The holiday opened the imams from the mosques of Dolgovo, Pirovsky, cities of Krasnoyarsk and Lesosibirsk. They read out verses from the Koran and congratulated the participants of celebrations on the anniversary of the mosque

The villagers have been congratulate on the jubilee of the mosque by chairman of the Pirovsky district

council of deputies Kostygina Galina Ilinichna and head of the administration of Troitzky Village Council Stekhina Nadezhda, chairman of the Tatar RNCA Council “YAR” Vagiz Faizullin and guests of the holiday.

The village Kurennaya Oshma is located at a distance of 300 km from the regional center, 50 km from the district center.

The last 7 km to the village you pass by beautiful taiga road. On both sides of the road near the curb are ancient pines

The main idea of the organizers, initiators of the mosque restoration – is a moral and spiritual revival of native village. Speakers emphasizes brothers Dautkhanovs, Gaisa and Rashit Hamatovich, natives of this village, but for many years already living in Krasnoyarsk and Lesosibirsk, Aushev Alikhan Maksharipovich, Gainutdinova Ravila Ishmuratovicha, villager Kabirov Yakub Ayupovich. All speakers thanked all the sponsors, having put their hands to the restoration of the temple, among them there were people of different nationalities and religions.

Many guests arrived at the party with gifts from the carpets to the energy-saving light bulbs

The concert program was attended by Tatar creative teams from Lesosibirsk and Pirovsky District

The villagers all invited guests at the tea party. Tables were laid by fishes of Tatar cuisine (chak-chak, och pochmek, sour pancakes, etc)

The celebrations culminated in the premises of the village club, because after the holiday greetings and prayers a powerful thunder-storm burst out.

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