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The film about Rudolf Nureyev comes out to a wide release

The film about Rudolf Nureyev comes out to a wide release

October 17, the film “Rudolf Nureyev “Rebellious demon” shot on the 75th anniversary of the ballet star comes out to a wide release.

“For the first time in the history of the Russian release, we present a documentary that will be shown in cinemas across Russia. We believe that a legendary figure of Rudolf Nureyev will be attractive enough to make people go to cinema. But the main plot is that the documentary, which is coming out soon in release, it is only the beginning of a major project. The next step will be series and a feature film about Nureyev, the creation of which we have already started ,”- says producer of the project Alfiya Chebotareva.

nureev_posterThe shooting of the documentary film “Rudolf Nureyev. Rebellious demon” took place in Ufa, Kazan, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Paris. Repeating the path of the famous artist and reconstructing his life in film, we have sought to discern the essence of nature of not only Nureyev-artist, but Nureyev – man.

The film was first shown at the Museum of Rudolf Nureyev, his native land in Ufa and unique materials were provided by the crew of ex-president of the Paris Opera Viktor Ignatov, a former Nureyev’s press secretary. The role of the presenter and the main narrator in the film was assigned to the People’s.

Artist of Russia, choreographer and producer Andris Liepe, who was personally acquainted with Nureyev, kept in touch and met with him, despite prohibitions of the Soviet authorities.

The film is produced in 2012 by the company “Svoi Pocherk.” Director – Tatiana Malova, script – Wilen Vizilter and Tatiana Malova, camera – Sergei Starikov, Anton Zavileysky, Raphael Sarvaev.

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