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The first Tatar mosque to open in Australia

December 14 is to be a landmark for Tatars Diaspora in Australia. It plans to open the first Tatar mosque on a green continent. The temple is not large, but is designed in a such way that will serve as a national cultural center of the Tatar community. Iftar, presentations , children Sunday school, literature club and watching movies in Tatar language – all this will take place under one roof. It can be said that islet of Tatarstan will finally appear in Australia.

At this time, not only a traditional Tatar pop star concert (Hamduna Timergalieva, Marsel Vagizov (December 13), but Sabantui (December 15) also will be held. In addition, presentation of the book about Tatar Diaspora in Australia in English written by Aisha and Zia Maski, as well as an accounting concert of Tatar children Sunday school be held.

Bulat Hazrat Ishmukhametov,Imam of Tatar Mahalla of Adelaide (South Australia)

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