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The friendly capital decorated with inscriptions Tatar

The friendly capital decorated with inscriptions Tatar

In continuation of the campaign “Open Vilnius”, in Vilnius another street plate has opened, this time in the Tatar language.

We remind that the plate created by Head of the Faculty of Design of the Department of Architecture of Vilnius Technical University after Gyadiminas, Jonas Yakaytis and assistant faculty Jonas Joucas in collaboration with students of the team are not official names of streets, it’s just a street exterior elements that adorn the streets of Vilnius, which once were called by ethnicity. Tablets symbolize friendship and partnership between the countries and cities.

The first such plaque in the capital of Lithuania has been opened this year on the street Islandiyos in the Icelandic language, then in English – Washington Square, in Russian – street Rusu, Polish – Varshuvos street.

It has become a tradition that, along with the mayor of Vilnius city Remigijus Shimashyus the tablets with ethnic elements of the open representatives of the ethnic community of Vilnyus with the words “Ouch, iki, bir” (three, two, one in the Tatar language) together with R. Shimashyus plate with a green crescent solemnly was opened by the chairman of the Union of Lithuanian Tartars Adas Jakubauskas. The opening also has been attended by the chairman of the Tatar cultural center Almira Parmaksizoglu, chairman of the Tatar cultural center of Turkey Osman Ender and other representatives of one of the oldest communities of Vilnius city

The audience was entertained the Tatar folklore ensemble “Ilsu” ( “Motherland”).

According to information, widespread by Vilnius Municipality, the following signs, in October, will be on the streets Jidu (Jewish) and Vokechu (German).

Vladimir Tsaralunga Morar, especially for the “Obzor(Survey)”

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