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The Muslim Film Festival-2018  has  opened in Kazan

The Muslim Film Festival-2018  has  opened in Kazan

The Muslim Film Festival-2018  has  opened in Kazan

September 05, 2018

Nearly 600 actors, cultural workers and politicians in Kazan walked  on the red carpet of the festival of Muslim cinema for  two hours.  People of different ages pushed in the crowd to get a cherished signature or a photo with an actor.

This year it was impossible to buy tickets for the ceremony. The guests  entered  the hall by invitation cards. The most anticipated people at the opening of the festival of Muslim cinema were popular Russian actors.

Emmanuel Vitorgan appeared at the opening with his wife Irina. According to the script, they had to perform a musical number together. But at the last moment the actor left, leaving his wife in the hall and singing instead of dancing.

– The more there are  different  films, the more we will understand that we live for each other. The deepest gratitude to this city, “Vitorgan said.

Together with his wife he was sitting on the front row. During the ceremony, Irina several times suggested that him  would make  a selfie. Why does she have so many identical selfies – many viewers in the hall at first would not understand. Then they saw that she uses the front camera as a mirror, and her husband as an excuse for a photo.


Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Marat Basharov appeared on the red carpet by  the arm with an effective blonde – an actress of the Kazan Youth Theater. On stage, he began to demonstrate knowledge of the Tatar language.

– Salamaleikum, caderle duslar. Rahmat! The fourteenth national our Tatar festival! It’s not the first time I’ve been on this stage. Last year, he was here and sang, but before he came as a guest, and this year he was invited not as a guest but as a participant and I came not with empty hands, but with the movie  “Mulla” – this is our Kazan film  in our Tatar language, said the actor.

The most unexpected appearance at the opening was the artist of the world and UNESCO – singer Zara. She performed two songs, while the second sang, accompanied by pupils of a children’s creative studio.

– I was very touched when we were met at the airport with chak-chak and Tatar folk songs. I even learned “Bik zur rahmet” in the Tatar language. I responded to participate in the festival despite a busy schedule. Immediately after the performance at the Pyramid, I fly to Sochi on the “New Wave”. I go there as a guest, take part in the creative evening of Irina Allegrova, where I will sing the song by  Igor Krutoy, I will sing at the creative evening of Leonid Agutin and at the closing of the festival, – the lady singer said.

For the first time at the festival, a creative group from Hollywood takes part. Son of the director Oliver Stone – actor Sean Stone, actress Amina Zhaman and director Anuar Smayin are the only ones who drove up to the red carpet on the “Mercedes” of the executive class.

They were greeted very warmly. American guests will stay in Kazan until the closing of the festival and plan to visit Sviyazhsk, Raif, Bulgar and present the military drama “Battlefield”.

Irina Alferova, arrived in Kazan with pneumonia, which can not be cured for almost a month. Despite the prohibitions of doctors, the actress admitted that she was glad to visit the city and even remember what dilapidated houses were in place of the concert hall “Pyramid”, where the opening ceremony took place.

Due to illness, the actress refused to meet and preferred to spend her free time in the hotel room. But in her illness many doubted when she performed one of her favorite works on the stage, and at the back of the stage she set off to dance to music on the national Kazakh instruments. The technical group was so inspired by her dance that she was applauded.


Mintimer Shaimiev became an honorary guest of the festival and admitted that the festival was created in the image of the well-known film festival.

– The Kazan festival was to become an analogue of Cannes and from us it turned out partly. Many experts came and we will exchange opinions on how to further equip the world, “said the first president of Tatarstan.

The opening ceremony was attended by the actor of the Galiaskar Kamala Theater – Iskander Khairullin and the actress of Russian cinema Natalia Gromushkina. Unusual attire gown of  hostess   with a “gypsy skirt” surprised many in the hall. It turned out she  had sewn it herself.

– I sew dresses on order. I make sketches and with the same success I go on fashion shows. So I try to promote our Russian history. Status brands do not lead me into a wild delight, I’m not chasing them. I understand that there are dresses  more interesting and more expensive and I hope that I looked not bad today at the opening ceremony of the festival, “Natalia Gromushkina told” KP-Kazan “.

Kazan International Muslim Film Festival will last until September 10. During this time, there will be screenings of films from 56 countries. Creative meetings will be held by the participants of the festival’s competitive program – Marat Basharov, Emmanuil Vitorgan, Vera Glagoleva, Natalia Bondarchuk and Kamil Larin.



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