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The northernmost Sabantuy

The northernmost Sabantuy

The northernmost Sabantuy was held in Murmansk. The event combined the cultural traditions of the Tatar people with the northern characteristics of the region, creating an atmosphere of friendship and unity.

Sabantuy, which has already become a good tradition for Murmansk, this year delighted the participants not only with a rich program, but also with beautiful weather. This allowed guests to fully enjoy numerous competitions, sports competitions and a concert program.

The guests of honor were the Head of the Department for Implementation of National Policy and Interaction with Civil Society Institutions, Yulia Shandarova; Assistant to the Head of the Republic of Tatarstan Farid Abdulganiev; Deputy of the Regional Duma Almaz Gismeev; Deputy Head of the Murmansk Administration Lyudmila Levchenko; Deputy Chairman of the Murmansk branch of the Assembly of Peoples of Russia Elena Titarenko.

Particular attention was paid to the national wrestling koresh, which aroused great interest from the audience. In addition, guests could take part in traditional games and competitions and try national dishes.

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