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The V Mascara Readings will be held in the Kukmor Muhtasibat on an all-Russian scale

The V Mascara Readings will be held in the Kukmor Muhtasibat on an all-Russian scale

On the 19th day of the month of Muharram (August 17), the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “V Maskarin Readings” will be held in the Kukmor region. The scientific forum is organized within the framework of the 1100th anniversary of the adoption of Islam in the Volga Bulgaria by the Kukmor mukhtasibat. Religious, scientific, public, cultural figures, famous imams and ulema, local historians and historians, journalists and shakirds will come to participate in the conference.

The annual Maskara Readings are held in the famous village of Maskara in the Kukmor region. Before the revolution, it earned the title of a Muslim educational center. The ancient village has been known since 1678. In 1791-1793, a stone mosque was built here at the expense of the merchant of the 1st guild Gabdulla Utyamyshev. It became one of the first stone mosques in Tatarstan, erected after the decree of Empress Catherine II, which allowed the construction of Muslim temples from stone. In 2022, restoration work will begin at the First Cathedral Mosque, which is an object of cultural heritage.

A madrasah worked at the mosque. Famous religious figures worked in it: Gabdennasyr Kursavi, Bagavetdin Mardzhani (father of Sh.Mardzhani), Khairulla Usmanov (founder of the Usmaniya madrasah) and others.

The ancient cemetery of the village of Maskara also attracts the attention of modern historians and local historians. It is the last refuge for many famous personalities. To date, 33 gravestones have been preserved here. Munir hazrat Yusupov, the imam of the village, chairman of the Council of Aksakals of the Kukmor mukhtasibat, makes invaluable efforts to preserve the Mascarinskaya mosque and the local historical cemetery.

Thus, holding the annual Mascara readings is a significant contribution to the study of the Tatar spiritual heritage and allows you to gather scientists and imams from all over Russia in this historical place.

This year, the organizers are preparing a rich program for the participants of the V Mascarine Readings. From 09.00-11.00 hours, guests will make excursions to the ancient cemetery and the ancient Mascarinskaya mosque, to the museum of the Mascarinskaya boarding school. Then, at 11.30 am, the opening ceremony of the spiritual and educational center “Khidayat” at the mosque in the village of Taishevo will take place. At 2:00 pm, the conference participants will gather at the House of Culture in Kukmor, where a plenary session will be held and the main speakers will be heard.

The Kukmor mukhtasibat was preparing ahead of time for the anniversary Mascara readings: a collection of materials from previous readings was prepared and published in 2021, a sign was installed at the base of the Mascara mosque madrasah and fundraising was organized for restoration work in it.

The media are invited to cover the work of the Mascara Readings. Accreditation by phone: 8917 293 97 06 (Reseda Zakirova).

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