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The V World Forum of Tatar Women

The V World Forum of Tatar Women

April 13-15 in Kazan the  V World Forum of Tatar women to be held.

The organizers of the forum are the executive committee of the World Congress of Tatars and the organization of Tatar women “Ak kalfak.”

The delegates and guests of the forum will gather from the regions of the Russian Federation, including from Tatarstan, from the countries of the near and far abroad.

According to the program of the forum, trips to four districts of Tatarstan are scheduled for April 13: Baltasinsky, Arsky, Zelenodolsky and Vysokogorsky. There delegates and guests will get acquainted with the activities of local organizations of Tatar women “Ak kalfak”, with the life and way of life of local residents, they will have an opportunity to see by  their own eyes the procedure  of the “Bishek Tue” (“Cradle Festival”). The next day in the hall of the Tinchurin Theater there will be a plenary session of the forum, and at the Kazan City Hall – the “Kalfak Tue” holiday.

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