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The world writes in Tatar

The world writes in Tatar

If in the Russian Federation the dictation was written from St. Petersburg to the Altai, then one of the nine countries writing in the Tatar language was the United Arab Emirates.

The purpose of the action is aimed at increasing the interest in literate spelling, command of literary Tatar, self-examination of spelling and grammatical errors.

This year the United Arab Emirates turns 46 years old. The official number of the population is 10 million people, the number of Tatars is about 500 people. Due to the young age of the country, one would not yet boast of the native population of the Tatars, we are all expatriates from such regions as Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg.

Far from their native walls, such immersions in their native environment are of special value and very inspiring.

The text of the dictation was read by Ismagil Shangareyev. He is a public figure, businessman, father of 11 children, he can be called the “father” of the Tatars in the Arab Emirates. Having moved more than ten years ago with his family, the first thing was opening a restaurant with the name “Kazan”, why in every sense we can say that the Tatar Kazan in the Arab Emirates is in full swing, and the place of the “Tatarcha dictation” was exactly there.

The dictation was attended by 30 people. The youngest participant was 4-year-old Islam from the family of the Gismatullins who came to rest in the emirates from Kazan.

“While still in Tatarstan, I heard that there will be a large-scale dictation, there were intentions to take part, but the dates coincided with our rest. At first they were surprised to see the restaurant “Kazan” in the United Arab Emirates, going inwards, my surprise was no longer the limit. As all coincided, naturally, we, as indifferent people to our native language joined the dictation! “- Venus Gismatullina shared her emotions.

Lenaria Muslyumova

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