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This year marks 80 years of “Shurale”

This year marks 80 years of “Shurale”



A musical talk dedicated to Farid Yarullin’s ballet “Shurale” was held for students of the Children’s Art School of the Verkhneuslonsky Municipal District. Young viewers listened with interest to fragments of the work performed by teachers Farida Zakharova and Farida Khusnullina, watched a film and a musical-poetic, choreographic composition in a computer presentation.

Farid Yarullin’s work is one of the brightest pages of the Tatar art of the XX century. His work “Shurale” was being prepared for showing in Moscow during the Days of Tatar Literature and Art in 1941. Yarullin composed the music, but did not have time to orchestrate it – the Great Patriotic War began. He died defending his homeland. The life and work of the talented Tatar composer turned out to be short, but the ballet “Shurale” made the name of Farid Yarullin immortal. This musical and stage work was included in the golden fund of Russian classics and marked the beginning of the formation of the Tatar choreographic art.

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