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“Umyrzaya” gave concerts in China

“Umyrzaya” gave concerts in China

For twenty-six years of creative activity of People’s Tatar-Bashkir folk ensemble “Umyrzaya” I traveled many roads in different cities and towns of Russia and Kazakhstan, promoting and glorifying our national culture. But far overseas trip was the first time. After hearing from the managers of the ensemble and GTNKA news that negotiations are under way on a creative trip to China, we believed and did not believe that it would happen.

And then came the day when we, a friendly company, in the amount of 22 people went to China, Urumchi. The purpose of our trip was to expand and strengthen cultural relations and speech to representatives of the Tatar Diaspora and local residents of different nationalities. The bus route has been laid out in advance, the road by was without too much difficulties. Almost 2,300 kilometers from Omsk to Urumchi passed unnoticed. This trip has left an indelible impression. I

remember a warm, friendly welcome, happy cheerful faces welcoming. We were waiting for the bus at the border, which was posted by a bright, colorful poster in Russian: “Welcome,” Umyrzaya “in China.”

During the three-day stay in China, we felt ourselves as if were in the good fairy tale. An unforgettable meeting with the Minister of Culture of the city of Urumchi, deputy mayor, theater director and translator. And especially – with head of the Tatar Diaspora Abdullah Avvaz. At meetings, we felt sincere interest and attention to us. After each meeting, there was an impression that we had seen somewhere, that we know each other.

For three-day of stay in China, two days we spent on the preparation and holding concerts. On the first day of performances, the auditorium was dominated by local people. Despite the lack of language skills, we were received warmly with enthusiasm, because the language of music is available to all without exception. For our part, we, members of the ensemble, gave it 100%, wished each other good luck, were glad to happy thunderous applause, congratulated each other. For successful concerts from China brought a Letter of thanks from Urumchi City Hall.

A pleasant surprise for us was the fact that in China particularly a song “Katyusha” is respected. In a

conversation with a representative of host of the party, we learned that the song and the name of Katyusha associated with every Russian woman that the song is dear to them. They remember that our country supported China during the Second World War. At one meeting, the minister of culture with a group of men performed the song “Katyusha” in Chinese, which caused our delight.

Also, the program provided receptions at the City Hall, the administration of the theater, where we tasted the delicious dishes of the national cuisine. Various excursions were aorganized. Especially, a memorable park “Red Mountain”, which is a symbol of Urumchi. We were struck by the abundance of colors, unusual composition of them, order and cleanliness throughout.

China – an amazing country, with an unusual, interesting culture. We have learned that here hard-working, dedicated people live. For a long time we will remember and tell our family and friends about our trip. We thank everyone who helped us organize this trip. First of all, the chairman of GTNKA Tamir Alimbaevich Alimbaev Tamir, who financed the trip; deputy. Chairman of GTNKA Rosalia Magaripovnu Sayganova, head of the group “Umyrzaya” Gylfi Abutolibovn Kasimova. Great help in the drawing the documents and travel arrangements

were made by Eugenia Igorevna Maximova, a specialist of the Department of Culture of the Administration of the city of Omsk; Irina Lapshina, Director of the Palace of Culture Red Guards; Dean Y. Asadulina, assistant to the president of the corporation “Yenisei”; Sania Sabirovna Mirkhaleeva, Ravil Khusainov, Marat Safarovich Katyrev, for whom on behalf of the collective a tremendous thank.

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