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Unique action “Quran to every home” resumed its work

Unique action “Quran to every home” resumed its work

It has been organized by the students of the Russian Islamic University.

The action was so popular that it was decided to

repeat it. First action was carried out in December 2014. Only

the past month about hundreds of applications were received.

Thus, from March 2 to March 31, RIU students and teachers will come home to anyone who wants to read the Quran, ascend prayers to God and praising the Prophet.

To do this, you just need to submit your application via telephone.

Do you often clean at home? And what about spiritual cleaning ?! Clean your home from the jinns and the wiles of Satan and the evil eye damage. Strengthen and fill with grace.

When the Quran is recited at home, then peace and tranquility descends, and the present are surrounded by the angels. The

more frequently this occurs, the lighter and gracious will be at your home.

We will help you to clean your home, make it out alive, radiant, fill it with Quranic atmosphere. Azan and verses are read from the Koran, we will answer your questions about religion.

For you, we’ll do it for free!

Call us until 21.00 a month

Tel. 8-950-313-33-01, 8-927 242-35-78

Press service of the RIU

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