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“Urmay Zalida – 2020” will bring together lovers of Tatar music

“Urmay Zalida – 2020” will bring together lovers of Tatar music

On October 30 at 13:00 there will be a live broadcast of the VIII International Festival of Traditional Culture of the Turkic World “Urmay Zalida – 2020”. The annual holiday of Tatar culture, music, poetry, dance, this year is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of  formation of the Tatar ASSR and the ChASSR, as well as to the first head of the public organization “National and Cultural Autonomy of the Tatars of the Chuvash Republic” Ferit Gibatdinov.

The project is being implemented within the framework of the Grant of  President of the Russian Federation “Revival of the cultural and historical heritage of the Mishar Tatars and the activities of the Miras ethnocultural center”. The founders and organizers of “Urmay Zalida” are the National-Cultural Autonomy of the Tatars of the Chuvash Republic, the Ministry of Culture of Chuvashia,  Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars,  Federal National-Cultural Autonomy of the Tatars of the Russian Federation.


About 40 thousand native speakers of the ethnic Tatar language live in the Chuvash Republic. The Tatars of Chuvashia have their own ethnic schools, club and leisure facilities, mosques, state and municipal administrative buildings. Thanks to the active participation of the members of the Tatar autonomy, bright and large-scale events were held in the republic:

– For more than 20 years the International Festival “Urmay Mony”, All-Russian “ART-MADHIA” have been held;

– Republican tournament in the Tatar-Bashkir wrestling;

– ice hockey tournament for  prizes of the NKAT of Chuvashia;

– local and republican national holidays “Sabantuy”, “Eid al-Adha”, “Mawlid”.

On the television channel “New Age” (Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan), the signal of which covers the settlements of Tatar Suguty, Dolgiy Ostrov, Tokayevo, Urmaevo, Shygyrdany, Chichkany, from 2015 to 2018, author’s programs were recorded: “Zhyrlyk ele ”,“ Halkym minem ”,“ Tamchy show ”,“ Avylym tormyshy ”,“ Tayanu noctasy ”,“ Manzara ”,“ Karavai ”,“ Aulak hey ”,“ Nasyikhat ”,“ Belem Denyasy ”about the life of the Tatar-Mishars of the republic , folklore ensemble “Mishar” of the Urmayevsky information and cultural center. The latter is a visiting card of the Tatar-Mishar of Chuvashia and represented the region at international competitions in Turkey, Kabardino-Balkaria, Crimea, Tatarstan.



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