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Vasil Shaikhraziev took part in the meeting of the Board of the “Alliance of Tatars of Europe”

Vasil Shaikhraziev took part in the meeting of the Board of the “Alliance of Tatars of Europe”

Vasil Shaikhraziev took part in the meeting of the Board of the “Alliance of Tatars of Europe”

September 05, 2020

Today, September 5, an online meeting of the Board of the International Association “Alliance of Tatars of Europe” (hereinafter – ATA) took place.

The agenda included issues of holding the European Sabantuy in connection with the current epidemiological situation and the extended ATA meeting in 2021. In addition, within the framework of the meeting, the issue of admitting new members to ATA was raised.

In total, 18 people took part in the meeting, 15 of whom are members of the ATA Board. One of the participants in the event was Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, Chairman of the National Council of the World Congress of Tatars Vasil Shaykhraziev.

The meeting was moderated by ATA Chairman Flyur Sharipov.

Having greeted the audience, Flyur Sharipov began by discussing the past National Assembly. We  remind, on August 29, within the walls of the Tatar State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Musa Jalil in Kazan, a National Assembly organized by the World Congress of Tatars was held, at which the Strategy of Action of the Tatar people was adopted.

The ATA Chairman, who was present at the event, gave a positive assessment to the Meeting: “We are grateful to  Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars for holding this event. I was pleased to be among the people who really make the history of Tatarstan. I would especially like to note the speech of Vasil Gabtelgayazovich, after which one asks the question: “At what stage of development are we now?”

Then  Chairman of the National Council Vasil Shaikhraziev addressed the audience and briefly outlined the main points of the adopted Strategy. “2 years ago, our President set a task for the World Congress of Tatars to develop and adopt a Strategy. As I reported on August 29 at the National Assembly, a draft of the document was first drawn up. After 2 years of work, we got a full-scale Strategy, consisting of three parts. This is the ideological part, solutions and financial fixation. During the National Assembly, we adopted the ideological part, which literally inspires, raises the inner spirit of the Tatar people. The document consists of 10 pages. It is quite capacious, concentrated … The strategy is designed for every Tatar. It unites everyone, ”Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan said.

“Millet Zhyeny (National Assembly) is an enlarged meeting of the National Council. We did not initially plan to hold a congress, as it requires compliance with certain conditions. 250 people came from 68 regions where Tatar societies are registered. 250 were from Tatarstan. Unfortunately, we were unable to invite delegates from abroad, ”said the Chairman of the National Council.

We  remind  that a regular meeting of the National Council is scheduled for the end of November of this year, where a report will be given on the work done by  Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars in 2020 and a plan for 2021 will be approved.

Then the members of the ATA Board started discussing the 5th European Sabantui. In view of the current epidemiological situation, holding a mass event has become unacceptable. According to Flyur Sharipov, 2021 is declared the year of history and culture of the Tatar people in Lithuania. “This is a unique event – a European country has determined the year of Tatars culture. It is very pleasant and very responsible at the same time. I believe that the Alliance should also contribute to this. In 2020, Sabantuy was appointed in Sofia, but the pandemic has made its own adjustments. Since sooner or later the holiday will still be held in Sofia, I propose to hold it in Lithuania in 2021. Klaipeda (Lithuania) is a multicultural city that has practice in holding international festivals and holidays. The mayor of the city supported our initiative, ”the ATA chairman emphasized.

At the end of the meeting, an open vote was held on the venue for the Tatar national holiday in 2021. Most of the ATA Board members voted for the organization of the Tatar holiday in Klaipeda.











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