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Virtual chak-chak for the whole planet

Virtual chak-chak for the whole planet

Virtual chak-chak for the whole planet


Sabantuy has   began, but never is  over. There are so many time zones in the world that when it passed through Russia, it went to Europe, Canada and America. Did you know that Tatars also live in Chicago?

Summer season decoration

While in Moscow, we took a walk at each of these holidays thanks to the Internet: “Moscow Sabantuy – 2020” was held online on the website of the Autonomy of the Tatars of Moscow. We were virtually greeted by the Bashkirs of Sweden, the Tatar diaspora of Portugal, congratulations were carried from Sakhalin, from Siberia and the Crimea. It took a lot of attention to cover all the video broadcasts, because the organizers set out to keep all the most beloved activities of traditional Sabantui online and prepared thematic Internet channels for this. For six hours in a row, seven sites worked in parallel.

The first site is a video studio at the Tatar Cultural Center. At the opening ceremony, probably, many were not very accustomed to addressing welcoming speeches to the participants of Sabantuy through the camera lens, without seeing the eyes of the audience in front of them – memories are fresh in memory of how in previous years Sabantuy gathered many visitors in Kolomenskoye. The honored guests would know that over a million people will watch the online program that day.

“I am convinced that in the new format, Sabantuy will become one of the adornments of the summer cultural season in Moscow,” the welcoming words of the capital’s mayor Sergei Sobyanin sounded at the beginning of the holiday.


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