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Visit to Turkey

Visit to Turkey

Creative s Information – Analytical Department of Executive Committee of the World Congress of  Tatars is going to visit the Republic of Turkey for the purpose of recording the program “Halkim Minem”

The objects of shooting will become towns and villages, where our compatriots live: Ankara, Izmir, Kyutakhya , Istanbul, Izmir, Begryudelik , Osmaniye, Efendi Kepryusu , Gyursu. During their trip the creative team will meet with the public, the communities of Tatar culture in those settlements.

In Istanbul, a shooting group will visit the graves of Gayaz Ishaki and Yusuf Akchura in Edirnekapi cemetery, the museum complex of Turkic peoples Topkapi Park , G. Tukai Park, see the exposition center of arts and crafts and traditional cultures of the peoples of the Republic of Tatarstan , meet with the community of the Volga Tatars ” Idel -Ural”.

Also , it is expected to hold a meeting at the Society of culture and mutual assistance of Tatars in Ankara.

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