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“We are together!”

“We are together!”

The V international festival “We are together!” was held in the Nizhny Novgorod State Circus  named after  M.P. Nazarov. The event was organized by the winter festival of urban environment “Nizhergoroders, go out for a walk”. Representatives of national diasporas, public organizations, schoolchildren, students of educational institutions and residents of the Kanavino district took part in it.

The organizer of this large-scale holiday is the administration of the Kanavinsky district and the Interethnic Council under this administration. RNATNO is also a member of this council, itt and as always took part. Council members Zilya Akhmadullin and Gelsem Aliyeva took part in the RNACC Board.

Young activists Danil Latypov and Venera Isayeva passed in the Parade of Cultures in bright Tatar costumes. And Venera, talented and very fond of Tatar culture and traditions, appeared with the fervent and incendiary song “Yakyn duslarym” in the concert part of the festival. Among the spectators  there  were also activists of RNACN and DUMNO, who with pleasure and gratitude watched bright and very positive performances.


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