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We studied in Kazan

We studied in Kazan

From April 23 to  27, a seminar – workshop “Methods and technologies of organizing and conducting the Sabantuy national holiday” for directors and organizers of the Sabantuy holiday in Russian regions and foreign countries was held in Kazan. More than 80 people from different regions of Russia and countries of the near and far abroad took part in the seminar.

Three people were trained from our region – this is  the director of the club Petriaksy  village,   the  Pilninsky district Akhmyar Zakirov, the  activist of RNKATNO, organizer of events from the city of Dzerzhinsk Olesya Ilkaeva and a representative from the Krasnooktyabrsky district Rinat Yarullin. Classes on the organization of Sabantui and other national holidays were conducted by specialists from the Institute of Additional Professional Education for Socio-Cultural and Arts Professionals.

Also,  for the participants of the seminar  various workshops, a diverse cultural program were arranged. And of course, an important part of this seminar was communication, exchange of experience. Akhmyar Zakirov, visiting the editorial office of “Tugan Yak”, shared his impressions of the trip, and for more details about this event, read one of the nearest issues of the newspaper.

Editorial board  “Tugan Yak”

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