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What is “Idelkei” singing about?

What is “Idelkei” singing about?

The Tatar vocal ensemble “Idelkei” is only 2 years old, but even during this short period by pop standards, it has  managed to win the love of numerous spectators.

“Idelkei” is fourteen women who were united by love for art and respect for traditions, since all the soloists of the ensemble are members of the regional public organization “Ak Kalfak” and representatives of the Tatar national-cultural center.

“Idelkei” is a derivative of the word “Idel” – translated from Tatar – “Volga”, but softer in sound, close and dear. It is difficult to come up with a more suitable name for a vocal group of soloists living on the banks of the Volga.

Asiya Ibragimova, Rima Safiullova, Saniya Samigullina, Salima Arslanova, Venera Rakhimkulova, Gulchachak Zainullina, Lilia Gainutdinova, Anyuza Abdurakhmanova, Rumiya Shaikhutdinova, Svetlana Gasimova, Gulnara Malyakulina,  Rumia Shaikhutdinova, Svetlana Gasimova, Gulnara, Malyakulina   people of various professions  on their daily life – Rumia Shaikhutdinova, Svetlana Gasimova, Gulnara Malyakulya on their daily life together, put on costumes and go on stage – become one whole

“The ensemble’s repertoire includes contemporary songs and songs sung by our mothers and grandmothers. Basically, these are musical works about love, native land, everyday work of ordinary people. There are songs that are sad and funny, ”says  artistic director of the musical group Ramilya Khaibullova. “Idelkey” ​​is a participant of regional and republican events, competitions of different  levels. So, the vocal ensemble was awarded a diploma for participation in the zonal round of the VIII Republican ethnocultural festival “Our home is Tatarstan”, and one of the latest achievements – the second place at the V International festival-competition of folk song and dance art “Kazan Solgese” (“Kazan Towel” ).

“I enjoy listening to the songs performed by the “Idelkei” ensemble at festive events in the city. May they continue to delight us with their creativity, ”shared tetyushi resident Guzaliya Gafiyatullina.

The plans of the musical group are to diversify the repertoire. Today, the performers are learning new songs: those that women sang at gatherings in ancient times, and from the repertoire of the Tatar pop star Ilham Shakirov (an evening in memory of the artist is planned for next year). “On the whole, we want to continue to delight the audience with creativity,” the Idelkei soloists note.







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