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Tatar Festival in the Mediterranean

Tatar Festival in the Mediterranean

August 14, 2019

Sabantuy in Spain was held last weekend. It was organized  by the team of the Tatar camp “Tatar camp for kids in Spain”, which based on the Costa Blanca. The meeting place had  chosen  the territory of “Mercadillo del Toro”, the infrastructure of which designed for public events. For national holiday, as it turned out, it was the most acceptable option: a large  parking and tents with tables, communications and own kitchen, stage

and a spacious dressing room, country-style wooden implements, extensive playgrounds for games and competitions, a complex included in this system

attractions – various trampolines, auto kart. Additional

a comfortable moment is the opportunity to gather in the evening  time in the coolest period of the day. So holiday ended with folk dances under the spotlights already late at night.

National folklore masterpiece event organizers tried

imagine in all its glory. This also applied to the variety of dishes.   national cuisine, and a palette of sports and entertainment.

Despite the fact that the main composition of the public was represented  by compatriots and Russians resting on the Mediterranean coast,  for many of them games plunging in  katyk or bringing  water with   shoulder yoke was a real discovery. But there were those with nostalgia

remembered village sabantui from their childhood, shared cheerful  details of fun games. Both adults and children all tried  demonstrate strength and dexterity, beautifully  would  lose, rushed into  the next match to take revenge.

Of course, a magnificent gift for the concert part of the Spanish Sabantui  were  Guzel Akhmetzyanova and Evgeny Nikitin arrived from Kazan – two   artists from the dance group “Saydash”. They noted the importance and

large-scale significance of the project, thanked Tatars from Spanish    town of Orihuela Costa, the German cities of Hanover and  Frankfurt am Main, Belgian Brussels, Dutch Eindhoven,  who joined forces, invested a lot of initiative and personal funds in  the success of the event. The audience was delighted with incendiary

numbers of dancers and bright ethnic costumes, as well as from true  folk images that artists could create. Dance together  united the participants, created the atmosphere of the good old

festivities. The guys from the international camp “Tatar camp for

kids in Spain ”.  Having received several lessons from choreography received from artists   formed into a full-fledged concert number, musical  by Rishat Fazlakhmetov ’ songs  was chosen as an accompaniment to the dance composition.Fazlyakhmetov “Bukhet Achkychi”.

This is the second Sabantuy on Spanish ground. First in 2017  was also organized in the Costa Blanca region by staff of the  Tatar camp. It is gratifying that the initiatives of European Tatars find  response from the World Congress of Tatars, Ministry of Culture of the Republic

Tatarstan. They help to select professional artists, highlight  in the symbolic prize fund of books and discs.

Lilia Valeeva



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