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“Aulak oi ” re-opened its doors

“Aulak oi ” re-opened its doors

Last Saturday, the Centre of Tatar culture again hospitably opened its doors to young people – here a second time the evening party of acquaintances of “Aulak oi ” took place.

“Aulak oi” is anciently known as a cheerful gathering. In the old days, when adults were leaving to visit relatives or just for some business, the girls left at home, invited their friends, and then were joined by a young men. A prankish company began singing, dancing a-go-go, joking, national games. This time the company was such as numerous as in the days of our grandparents – room was filled by lively conversations of dozen boys and girls.

The first thing guests that pleased guests was a girlish folk dance performed by the ensemble “Akkosh”, and then the time came to games.

A connoisseur and host of the popular entertainment evening Abuzar Minnebaev gave unsophisticated job: boys – call as many Tatar girls’ names, girls – male or turning the head to determine, whether there is a mutual sympathy between the two, when they sit back to each other. The audience was offered another vintage fun, which probably played every one in his childhood – “Yozek” (Russian-language version of “Ring,

ring, go out on the porch!”). The culmination of the evening was the traditional Tatar entertainment “Tyugerek Wen.”

Aside from what was happening was not left the guest of honor and event manager (former lead singer) of the State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble named after F.Gaskarov Republic of Bashkortostan Robert Khamidullin, who not only took an active part in competitions, but also presented the audience a choreography “Dance of the hunter.” Artist noted a particularly warm hospitality of the Tyumen Youth and invited the participants to the performances of the State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble n.a. F.Gaskarov the Republic of Bashkortostan, which will present the Tyumen audience a new concert program in April in the walls ODNK “Stroitel”.

Organizers of the event: TROO “Union of Tatar Youth of Tyumen region”, MAUK “Center of Tatar culture.”

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