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IV All-Russia village Sabantui took place in a village Barda of Permsky krai

IV All-Russia village Sabantui took place in a village Barda of Permsky krai

The guests from 30 regions of Russia have arrived for  IV All-Russia village Sabantui.  The delegations from Tatarstan, Bashkortostan Kirov, Samara, Kurgan, Orenburg, Penza. Saratov and many other regions of the country have come for the festive.

Perm Sabantui, really, became a festive of unity:  about 50 ths. people of various nationalities  got together on a maidan. Each of the guests found occupation to his soul and interest, so diverse was a festive  program: creative group performances degustation of national dishes, exhibition of national crafts items.

Having come to the maidan, the guests attended  courtyards of Perm krai, republics of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. Here, history, culture and traditions of nations living in this region was presented. Besides, the attendees could acquaint with national cuisine.

Representative of President of the Russian Federation in the Volga federal district Leonid Gilchenko, President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, governor of Perm krai Victor Basargin, vice-premier of Bashkortostan government Salavat Sagitov welcomed participants and guests of the festive.

“We  are always  glad to see guests in Perm land. Here, in peace and consent  live  over hundred nationalities, – began his speech Victor Basargin. – We are sure  that this festive will bring its contribution in progressing Perm krai, and in particular, Bardym region». He thanked all who took part in organization of a grandiose festive. Further,  he delivered letters of gratitude to RT minister of culture Airat Sibagatullin, chairman of the WCR ex. com. Rinat Zakirov and chairman of World kurultai of Bashkirs Rumil Aznabaev.

Then, a word was given to deputy Plenipotentiary representative of RF President  in VFD Leonid Gilchenko. «This   beautiful festive was born in the Volga  land, it becomes a festive of all country», – he marked and congratulated all Sabantui guests on behalf of Representative of RF president in VFD Mikhail Babich.

President of Tatarstan in his turn highly appreciated organization of Sabantui on Perm land. «It is important that each nationality in our country could have  the possibility to retain its culture and religion. There are such possibilities in Russia, Sabantui is a proof to this», – he marked.

By edict of RT President, a Distinguished   title of figure of culture of Tatarstan was appropriated to chief of section department of culture  and art, Department of administration  of Bardamsky region Perm krai  Alsu ismagilova, gratitude for contribution in preservation and development of spiritual-morale and cultural traditions of Tatar people was  announced to head of Bardamsky region Sergei Ibraev.
Cultural  center of Tatar and Bashkirs  of Bardam region, a mini-bus from Rustam Minnikhanovm, was handed.

The  first event of Sabantui  was setting a record of Russia on cooking national Tatar  dish «Kosh tele». Specially for festive, Perm cookery specialists, participants of the festival  «Prikama cuisine», prepared  202 kg  336 grams of sweets.

After an official opening, horse races  began. This time 50 horses from Bashkortosdtan, Tatarstan, Mari El, Perm krai, Chelyabinsk, Samara, Kirov oblasts took part in competitions.

Holder of Perm krai Governor Victor Basargin’s prize in horse races of IV All-Russia village  Sabantui became  a horseman Sergei Ponomaryev, representing Perm krai, on chestnut Simvolika. The victor received auto  Chevrolet  – Niva.

First time in Russia, within the framework of celebrating Sabantui,  1st  All-Russian run of draft horses in Russian harness with a cargo 500kg for distance of 2400 meters took place. The strongest has become Manhattan (horseman  Alexei Yugov, Perm region). Prize of Perm regional branch of All-Russia political party  «United Russia» Yuri Permyakov on horse LondonsRein   from Chaikovsky town has won.

At the time, the spectators  watched the main spectacle of the festive  – national wrestling  Kuresh.  100 wrestlers-batyrs from  different regions of Russia took part in competitions.

Absolute batyr of  IV All-Russian village Sabantui became Radik Faizullin from Tatarstan. He received special prizes   – auto from President of Tatarstan and a sheep.

It should be mentioned that during Sabantui, all wishing could attend performances of Tatar theatre of puppets and concert of Tatar variety  artists.

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