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Sabantuy on embankment of Khabarovsk gathered several hundred townspeople gathered

July 6, hundreds of Khabarovsk residents visited Bashkir-Tatar holiday “Sabantuy”, which according to tradition was held at Lenin Stadium. Khabarovskers willingly participated in the tasting of oriental sweets, enjoyed a real Uzbek kebab and delicious pilaf straight from the cauldron. Anyone wishing took part in the entertainment program of the “Sabantuy fete.” Special success enjoyed among the townspeople, including children, ...

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“Ak kalfak ” visited the south- east of Tatarstan – in Bavly

May 28, Organization of Tatar women “Ak kalfak ” operating at the World Congress of Tatars , and the staff of the magazine ” Syuyumbike ” visited South-East region of Tatarstan. Head of “Ak kalfak ” Kadriya Idrissova told about the trip : – May 28 , we visited the Bavlinsky municipal region. Our journey began with the village Isergapovo. ...

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