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Presentation of the new issue of  magazine “Yalkyn”

Presentation of the new issue of  magazine “Yalkyn”

The presentation of the January issue of the Yalkyn magazine took place at the Literary Cafe in the building of Tatmedia JSC. Popular Tatar bloggers were invited to the meeting.

Rail Arslanov, the author of the Musician’s Hut YouTube channel, spoke about the difference between the Instagram, Tik Tok social networks and YouTube video hosting. The latter, according to Rail, is a more complex platform for a blogger, it is more difficult to maintain a channel on this platform than on other social networks. “The main requirement of social networks is constancy, interesting and high-quality content,” a blogger explained to the Tatar-inform correspondent, whose channel has already been subscribed to by more than a million users.

“Instagram and Tik-Tok are designed for entertainment content. YouTube predominantly hosts master classes and training videos. Video hosting and pays more. At first, in six months I received three thousand rubles, then this amount began to come every month, “- said Rail Arslanov.

In addition to bloggers, the new issue of Yalkyn presents an illustrator from the village of Bazarny Mataki, Alkeevsky district, a 10th grade student Aliya Mukhametkarimova. She can be seen on the cover of the latest issue.

“We have refused announcements and give topics in the form of hashtags. On the cover is our artist Aliya Mukhametkarimova, we have been cooperating with her since last year, ”said Ilnaz Fazullin, editor of the magazine.

General Director of JSC “Tatmedia” Shamil Sadykov at the presentation emphasized that the audience of “Yalkyn” is the young generation. “If we can do new projects in our native language, then the Tatar people have a future. We have managed to find an interesting new form, as well as content, ”he said.

Such popular Tatar bloggers as Razil, Lilia Khairullina, Lenar, Dina also came to the meeting.

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