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Camp “Bolgar Tugan Tel” not to be forgotten

Camp “Bolgar Tugan Tel” not to be forgotten

The other day, closing of the camp “Bolgar Tugan Tel” took place. More than 500 pupils from different parts of Russia after a week of classes, excursions went home. All are full of impressions, a detachment has become so close that nobody wanted to leave. Last traditional “royal” night, it was hard to sleep. Not only from the threat of being smeared with toothpaste, but due to the upcoming parting with friends. On the last day “tugan televtsers ” received a new batch of master classes, organized a final concert, went on a trip to Bolgar and danced disco.

Every day, wonderful workshops, meetings with interesting experts on native language, history and culture of the Tatar people were held at the camp. Education Day, Media Day, Culture Day … All of them were full of impressions. Ministry of Education and Youth have organized camps “Bolgar-Tugan Tel”. Those interested could get high ratings from experts and experienced answers to their questions. The camp was visited by the Minister of Education and Science, Deputy Prime Emomali Fattakhov, Youth and Sports Minister R.Burganov, academician and the father of the “Salat” Dzh.Suleymanov. Organization of educational and recreational activities was arranged exactly in the tradition seletovtsers . This is understandable, since the camp involving 500 children (first time!), were commissioned to the team of fund “Salat”. Serious lectures were easily perceived as the atmosphere in the tent “audiences” reminded the meeting at the fire.

Each day had its own theme – Day of Education, Culture Day, Media Day … The classes were held by cool and famous experts. Of the “final” speakers Iskander Gilyazev has been remembered. Our guest-Head of the Department of Türkology of Kazan Federal University. He shared his thoughts on the importance of preserving the Tatar language, culture and history of the Tatar people. “Any language is a huge wealth. No, it’s not a monetary wealth. This intellectual wealth. And everyone should own them. “- Iskander Gilyazov told.

Excursion to the ancient city turned out to be very interesting. Great Bolgar’s striking beauty of nature and the spirit of a true history. This place truly is one of the main cultural centers of the Tatar people.

Wow, that namely here our shift took placem at our camp Bolgar Tugan Tel. Here we have learned history and language of our ancestors. And these seven days, I think all of us will be missing.


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