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Educational-methodical trip of the National Museum of Tatarstan to Boldin and Saransk

Educational-methodical trip of the National Museum of Tatarstan to Boldin and Saransk

June 17-18, 2014, a group researchers of RT NM and its affiliated museums in order to learn the experience of cultural and educational exposition and exhibition activities of the State Literary Memorial Museum and Natural reserve A.S. Pushkin “Boldin” and Mordova united Republican museum of local lorea after I.D.Voronina held educational and methodical trip to Boldin and Saransk

The trip was organized by the results of the contest “” Best tour guide of the National Museum of Tatarstan ” 2013. Such outreach educational-methodical seminars for participants, committee members and other researchers, who are actively involved in the cultural and educational activities, become a good tradition. In previous years, according to the results of competitions such trips were organized to Ulyanovsk and Cheboksary.

The two-day trip to Saransk and Boldin was organized on the bus, the road passed through the territories of the five regions – Tatarstan, Chuvashia, Nizhny Novgorod region, Mordovia and Ulyanovsk region.

June 17 participants arrived at Bolshoe Boldin of Nizhny Novgorod region and visited the State Literary-Memorial and Natural Museum A.S. Pushkin “Boldin.” Familiarization began with a meeting with the Deputy Director Museum Natalia Chivkunova, who using multimedia presentation spoke about the museum, especially elaborated on the types and forms of cultural-educational work with various categories of the museum audience. PT NM employees asked a series of questions relating not only to work with visitors, but also research, publishing, etc.

This was followed by a sightseeing tour of the museum-reserve, which imbued with the “spirit” of the great Russian poet, helped to feel the atmosphere of the noble estates of the XIX century. Museum-reserve includes Pushkin memorial homestead in B. Boldin, grove “Luchinnik” (according to legend a favorite place of walk with the poet), Lvovka manor in which there is a house A. A. Pushkin – son of the poet. Now, this estate is a museum of literary heroes “Tales of Belkin.”

Further, other objects of the manor were examined. In the park, in 1980-1990-ies, completely reconstructed manor complex – lordly kitchen, bath, servants , quarters, stables and barn with coacher have been recreated. The house is a manorial office, a memorial household exposure is located, A.S. Pushkin stayed here during his last visit to Boldin in 1834. An indelible impression remained walking in the park with its trails, ponds and pavilions.

The children’s museum of Pushkin’s fairy tales in the homes of church clergy also were examined. On the tour, the little-known facts sounded of “Boldin” stage of Pushkin’s life and, of course, the poems of the poet. Participants of the seminar were especially interested in visit the estate by A.S. Pushkin in autumn 1833, when he arrived here after a long journey in the footsteps of the Pugachev rebellion, and visiting Kazan.

June 18 participants headed to Saransk, the capital of the Republic of Mordovia. Guests were met by the head of Department of Mordova united republican regional museum of local lore museum L. I. Polyanskaya, who held a city tour visiting the most notable historical and modern places of Saransk city. PT NM staff learned that the capital of Mordovia is famous for outstanding athletes, preparing to host major international sporting events. During the city tour the guests visited the Museum of military and labor heroism of Mordva people in 1941-1945., and entertainment and ethnographic complex “Mordovia farmstead.”

The main part of the stay was a visit to Saransk Mordva Republican united museum of local lore named after I.D. Voronin. The museum is housed in an old church, but in the near future it relocate to a new, purpose-built building in the city center. At the museum, the participants were met by the acting Director Lyudmila Shabalkina, who introduced with the exposition, established in 1980 and has a very interesting artistic decision. Exhibitions were also shown, including dedicated to M.E. Evsevev, well- known Mordvinian ethnographer, whose life and work are closely connected with Kazan, the history of the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Meeting was organized with the museum’s staff, who talked about events, tours, promotions and other programs, cultural and educational areas, an exposition and exhibition projects. The story was accompanied by multimedia presentation.

During a brief, but intense and interested dialogue, the participants came to the conclusion that professional communication and exchange of experience is very fruitful, promote cooperation, the emergence of inter-museum projects, expansion of professional outlook, the press service of the museum informs.

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