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Flora Vafina : “Men’s strong shoulder let be at hand! “

Flora Vafina : “Men’s strong shoulder let be at hand! “

January 28, 2014, in the concert hall of the A.S. Pushkin State Museum, on her birthday, the famous singer-songwriter, Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Flora Vafina held an unusual concert – a creative evening of author’s songs, “Music for Two. Confessions of a woman’s soul”.

Moscow audience, admirers of author’s creativity, she surprised them by her unexpected repertoire – women’s lyrics because the audience for 11 years of her regular concert performances in Moscow at various events and concerts for soldiers, militaries of various kind of troops in most cases used to her patriotic song. But on this special day, a beautiful scenic image weaved with a feminine charm, tenderness, softness and beauty of the women’s soul was in contrast to her usual creative image: manliness, commitment, unwavering faith and fortitude, sense of duty and a sincere love for the motherland.

On her birthday, Flora sang about love for a man, her songs illustrating the depth of feelings and sincerity of female experiences and hopes. All present audience was possessed by an inexplicable feeling of emotional comfort, the audience repeatedly by stormy applauses responded to new premiere romances and female ballads, “Bravo” was heard repeatedly in a hall.

“Being a woman is the great cross, drive crazy – heroism” – these Pasternak lines can be taken as an epigraph to lyrical creativity of Flora Vafina. Women’s theme, the theme of love between women and men is a constant thread of her romances with which she started 22 years ago.

Balasanov Karen

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  1. Светлана Сланковская

    Замечательный концерт, талантливая певица, автор своих стихов и музыки , “дитя” двух народов – татарского и русского , Флора Вафина покорила всех,присутствующих на концерте. Крики “Браво” сопровождали всё её выступление.Очень жаль,что ” Заслуженная артистка Татарстана” не носит звание и ” Заслуженной артистки России”

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