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Iftar in Urazovka

Iftar in Urazovka

For the fourth year in a row, a group of young people living in Moscow and the village, together with some sponsors from among their fellow villagers in the Holy Month of Ramadan, are organizing a holiday for the fasting people in the courtyard of the Urazov Mosque.

If in the first years the number of invitees reached from 120 to 140, this year it was about 150 people. And during all four years, the chefs of the Moscow cafe “Idel”, Rafael Safin and Nail Abdulkhakov, are engaged in cooking  the holiday shurpa and pilaf.

The organizers of the holiday invited to Iftar not only those who prayed from the district center and nearby settlements, but also, as Islam says, living in a local nursing home.

After  pronunciation of the festive sermon by Imam of Urazovka Haysar Khazrat Nevretdinov, the Honorary guest from Moscow Zinnur Hazrat Hasyanov congratulated everyone on his own behalf and on behalf of the Chairman of the Council of Muftis of Russia, Sheikh Ravil Hazrat Gaynutdin.

Newspaper “Tugan Yak”

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