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III World Forum of Tatar women

III World Forum of Tatar women

International public organization “The World Congress of Tatars” and public organization of Tatar Women “Ak kalfak” from May 15 to 17, 2015, holds the III World Forum of Tatar women in Kazan.

Tatar organization of Women of Tatarstan “Ak kalfak” was created in 1990. The organization conducts some work to assist in the development of Tatar schools, gymnasiums; It promotes open Sunday schools and courses of studying Tatar literature and art history in places of compact residence of the Tatar nation; participates in the organization of the club “The Council of Young Family” with the participation of psychologists, economists, lawyers and other professionals; It takes an active part in development of legislation on social and legal protection of motherhood, childhood and fatherhood, etc.

Last year, the II World Forum of Tatar women 450 applications from 43 regions of Tatarstan, 62 regions of Russia, including Moscow, the 31 countries of near and far abroad were submitted.

This year, 150 delegates from the Republic of Tatarstan, 250 – from the regions of the Russian Federation, 100 delegates – from abroad are expected. Also, about 150 distinguished guests are awaited.

The program provides participation in the Forum plenary meeting, visiting and introducing the system of education and training of students in educational institutions of the Arsk region of the Republic of Tatarstan. The excursion is planned to the memorial complex of Tatar poet G. Tukai (RT Arsk region, village Kyrlay), in the K. Tinchurin theater of drama and comedy, viewing performance by I. Makhmutova “Spring of Love” and a concert of dance ensemble “Kazan”.

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