Home / In Moscow, a large-scale Tatar picnic “Kharyakyat camp 2018”  took place
In Moscow, a large-scale Tatar picnic “Kharyakyat camp 2018”  took place

In Moscow, a large-scale Tatar picnic “Kharyakyat camp 2018”  took place

In Moscow, a large-scale Tatar picnic “Kharyakyat camp 2018”  took place

September  03, 2018

On September 1, 2018, one of the brightest events in the life of the Tatar youth of Moscow took place – a large-scale Tatar picnic “Kharyakyat camp 2018”.

The objectives of the event were to unite the Tatar youth of Moscow on one site, to exchange experience between Tatar youth organizations, to scale up and improve the quality of Tatar events.

Organizers of the picnic are Rinat and Gulnara Ablyazovs,  Gulnaz Timurshina, Azat Mingaleev, Irek Tuktagulov.

Project director Zuhra Abdyukhanova prepared for the guests a rich program, including spiritual, intellectual and sports events.

Since the morning, in the suburb of Troitsk, a tent, a field kitchen, a prayer zone, a sports ground were located. Arriving participants were treated to real tea from a samovar and Tartar pies. The program began with an interactive, the camp participants got to know each other, exchanged interesting reflections on various questions of the leaders. Competitions for the knowledge of the Tatar language, Tatar national cuisine were prepared for the youth.

An important part of the program was the speeches of specially invited guests.

The historian, the poet, the author of the production “Conversation with the soul” with the participation of Marat Basharov @ and Alexander Golovin @, scriptwriter and producer of the “Koran Festival” in Crocus City Hall, RENAT ABYANOV revealed the theme of Tatar people’s self-identification through mosques and the religion of Islam.

The lecture found a response among listeners, the Speaker’s speech ended with a fascinating conversation in the question-and-answer format.

ILDAR ALAYUTDINOV, the head of the youth club “7я”, the teacher, the head of the online school “imedrese”, conducted training on identifying life priorities.

The speech caused a great emotional surge among the participants, no one remained indifferent.

In breaks between speeches of speakers sports lovers had time to enjoy a game of volleyball. Other participants held a photo shoot in nature.

Throughout the day, a field kitchen from the company Kazan Catering was working for the participants.

Exciting trainings, competitions, Tatar cuisine, inspiring azan, collective prayers – all this created a homely, cozy atmosphere of the event, in which you want to return again and again.

The program ended with incendiary Tatar dances, and lovers of the tent rest continued the evening with heartfelt gatherings by the fire.

Kharyakyat  2018 has  shown  the unity of the Tatar youth of Moscow and proved that by joint efforts we are capable of creating quality large-scale projects!

The organizers of the “Kharyakya t camp 2018” express their enormous gratitude for their support and assistance to the Plenipotentiary Representation of the RT in Russia and personally to Ravil Kalimullovich Akhmetshin, the Tatar national-cultural autonomy of Moscow and its head Farit Farisov, and the Youth Council under the RT Mission in Russia in the person of Emil Venerovich Fayzullin.

Organizers and guests of the “Kharyakyat camp 2018” agreed in common to make a picnic annual and traditional.





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