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In the cities of Europe  screenings of the Tatarstan film “Mulla”  are going

In the cities of Europe  screenings of the Tatarstan film “Mulla”  are going

October 10,  2019

In European cities, screenings of the Tatarstan film “Mulla” continue. The other day saw a movie in Frankfurt am Main.

As head of the International Union of Tatar Women “Khanum” Gulnur Dautova told IA “Tatar-inform”, the film made a great impression on the German audience, some of them even cried.

According to Dautova, the idea to present the film “Mullah” to the European audience   has arisen  this year at Sabantui in Leipzig. “I love the work by Tufan Minnullin, but I could not often come to Tatarstan to watch performances. When I learned that in 2018 a feature film based on the play “Mullah” was shot, I wanted to watch it and show it to Europeans, local Tatars, ”she said.

The idea was supported by many Tatar communities. The film “Mullah” has already been watched in Berlin and Frankfurt, this week the screenings will be held in Geneva, Vienna and Prague. The picture in Europe is represented by its producer Marat Akhmetshin. “The Baltic countries, Italy also wanted to show the film, but they did not manage to organize the shows,” Dautova explained.

The Khanum Union of Tatar Women was formed in 2018. Activists of a public organization hold various national and cultural events, which become platforms for communication between local Tatars. One of the directions of the Union’s work is the organization of acquaintance of Europeans with the culture and art of the Tatars. “The film“ Mullah ”was watched with interest by  Germans, Armenians, Turks, Azerbaijanis. The Tatars of Germany came, even from Belgium specially for the show arrived, ”said Gulnur Dautova.

According to the activist, in the hall that day there were more than 40 people – this is twice as much as at other events of the organization. “Even the harsh Germans watched the film with tears in their eyes, this says a lot,” the agency’s interlocutor said. The picture was provided with Russian and German subtitles.

“The film shows that Russia is the historical homeland of not only Russians, but also Tatars and other nationalities. This is a story about how Russian society in the post-perestroika years sought life values. The film explains that Islam is a religion of good. The picture makes you think. The audience was very satisfied, ”said the activist.

The participants of the event asked Gulnur Khanum to hold meetings more often that introduce them to the modern culture and art of the Tatars. “Together with Tatar organizations in the future we want to expand the geography of events, cover more countries and cities,” she said about future plans.


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