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In Volgograd, an exhibition of Tatar artist

In Volgograd, an exhibition of Tatar artist

A personal exhibition of S.S. Abdrashitov “Hero of War devoted” dedicated to the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad was held at the museum – exhibition center (MEC) in Krasnoarmeisky district of Volgograd city. The exhibition runs until February 23, 2014, according to the chairman of the Council of Elders of the national cultural autonomy of Tatars of Krasnoarmeisky region of Volgograd city Anver Usmanovich Kuramshin.

Shavket Seifulovich was born September 17, 1920 in the village of Malye Chapurniki of Svetloyarsky region of the Volgograd oblast. Member of the Great Patriotic War and the Battle of Stalingrad , during which he was wounded and shell-shocked. Graduated from the Leningrad Art – Industrial School named after Mukhina. In the 1960s he worked in the artistic production workshops of Arts Fund of the RSFSR where on behalf of the Union of Artists of the Volgograd, organized a workshop for producing souvenirs of hero-city of Volgograd. He participated in regional and republican exhibitions. “The artist is already dead for twenty years, but his work continues to generate interest among the audience. The Abdrashitov’s drawings have been passed to the MEC by his nephew”, – said the center’s director Yelena Novikova.

Shavket Seifullovich was the founder and first chairman of the Tatar Public Center “Friendship”.

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