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Kamal Theatre will premiere in Samara and Orenburg

Kamal Theatre will premiere in Samara and Orenburg

From February 9 to 15, G.Kamal Tatar State Academic Theatre goes on tour to Samara and Orenburg. The tour poster presents the latest premieres of the theater. In Orenburg – from February 12 to 15.

The tour will be held in Samara on the stage of the Samara Academic Drama Theatre named after M. Gorky February 9 and 10.

February 9, 18.00 – performance “Mehebbet FM» by I.Zayniev. The premiere was held last season. Since then, every show of “Mehebbet FM» gathers a full house, and the tickets are bought months ahead. The play has been shown 2 times in Moscow, at the request of the youth of the Tatar Diaspora of the capital. Pop-jazz comedy “Mehebbet FM» written by playwright Ilgiz Zayniev especially for young actors Kamal theater and tells the love story unfolding on the radio “Mehebbet FM» in Kazan.

10 February, 18.00 – the first premiere of the season Kamal theater performance of “Love or not love …” by Florid Bulyakov. Piece of modern Bashkir playwright Florid Bulyakov

has good fortune: it was staged in many theaters not only in Bashkortostan, Tatarstan and Russia. Perhaps this is due to the straightforward and touching story tragicomedy. During severe illness old man dreamed image of death, which gave him a chance, if within three hours he makes a charitable cause, then his life will be extended. The whole history of his life passes before his eyes with all its bright moments and errors, many of which are no longer are possible to correct. The role of old men and woman are performe by folk artists Ravil Sharafiev and Dania Nurullina. The performance is dedicated to the blessed memory of the playwright, national writer of Bashkortostan, Florida Bulyakov, who died January 18, 2015 in Ufa.

In Orenburg troupe Kamala will stay longer, from February 12 to 15. The tour takes place on the stage of the M. Gorky Orenburg Drama Theatre.

February 12 and 14, 18.30, 17.00 in honor of Valentine’s Day – the play “Mehebbet FM» by Ilgiz Zayniev to be presented.

February 13 and 14, 18.30, 12.00 – again play “Love or do not love …” by Florid Bulyakov already for Orenburg spectators.

February 15, 17.00, another premiere – the performance “Bankrupt”, the play by Galiaskar Kamal. In the center of this satirical comedy – image of Sirazetdinov merchant. For the sake of getting a quick rich, he strikes out a plan: taking a big bank loan, hides the money and goes to Moscow for goods But on the way he allegedly robbed, and he is “going crazy” … In the role of the ingenious “bankrupt” Sirazetdinov – Honored Artist of Tatarstan Radik Bariev. By the way, this year’s performance of “Bankrupt” entered the long list of the best performances of Russia in 2014, in the opinion of the Expert Council of the “Golden Mask”.

We remind that in Samara performances by Kamal theater may be seen at the Samara Academic Drama Theatre n.a. M.Gorky February 9 and 10. In Orenburg – from February 12 to 15, on the stage of the M. Gorky Orenburg Drama Theatre.

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