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Kazakhstan New Kazanka

Finally established name ” Zhanakazan” of a newly formed settlement is linked with relocation of some number of people, of congenerical nation – Tatars, since the mid-nineteenth century.

Possibility of official resettlement and settling in with the adjusting of economic and business activity – this was the fruit of policy pursuit by khan Zhangir Bukey-uly , appointed to the post by the decree of the Russian Tsar, on June 22, 1824.

This turn of events in the life of the region of the oblast happened in connection with marriage of khan Zhangir to a beautiful Fatima, a daughter of the famous religious leader – Mufti of Orenburg, Mukhamedzhan Khusainov in autumn 1824.

Fatima Khanum, received a European education, was broadly educated, nobly bred ( lady), knew several languages.

Settlers who began to move in to our region under the influence of Fatima Khanum , gradually established a sedentary life. They began to build near Lake Kamysh – Samar, an urban settlement and named it “Zhana Kazanshyk” (New Kazanka). Later, the settlement was called “Zhan-Kala” (the regiona also was called – Zhanakalinsky). Now, the village is given the status of “Zhanakazansky rural district”.

Close to us Tatars laid the basis of entrepreneurial activities, mainly in the field of trade. They have created a large shopping center. Purchasing livestock products from the local population they took to sell it in Kazan, Ufa, Astrakhan and other Russian cities.

On accumulated funds Tatars, having become a local population began to build good buildings – one-, two-storey wooden houses, a mosque, opened Tatar school.

Later, the Kazakh- Russian school opened where teacher I.M.Smirnov worked, who graduated from the Teachers’ Seminary in Kazan.

In short, in the village constantly shopping arcade, several madrassas and even the church were active.

All this shows that in that time socio-economic situation in the village Zhanakazan was in good condition.

Currently, rural district Zhanakazan is the largest part of the region. The population is about 3,000 people.

There are secondary and small schools, kindergarten, cultural club, three libraries, medical clinic, medical center, post office, anti-plague station, metereologichesky center, military unit in the rural district. Gas, water have been pipelined and operate all types of cellular radio.

Currently under the leadership of akim of Zhanakalinsky region, Lavr Rashidovich Khairetdinov, a house of Shamett Haji as an important historical and cultural site and as a good memory of the brothers – Tatars, who had contributed to the development of the region, was bought out for the region.

Lavr Rashidovich directs his efforts to overhaul the house in order to organize a museum for the younger generation and to supplement the relevant museum exhibits.

Implementation of major repair and replenishment of museum exhibits showing the cultural and historical background, life and traditions of Tatar brothers need the support and help of the citizens. That would be participation in a concrete case, having a great moral and educational value.

District budget does not allow for these plans. Therefore assistance from individuals and businesses would be a very good deed.

Zakaria Sisengaliev, secretary of Zhanakalinsky regional maslikhat, poet, journalist

Rafkhat Khallel, member of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan, photo by Rafkhat Khalel

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