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Muslim women from all over Tatarstan gathered in Kazan

Muslim women from all over Tatarstan gathered in Kazan

National cultural center Kazan has gathered more than three hundred Muslim women. All of them arrived at the Second Congress of the RT Union of Muslim under slogan “Women of peace and goodness.”

This event is supported by the Religious Board of Muslims of the republic.

The Congress delegates were welcomed by Khazrat Mufti of Tatarstan Kamil Samigullin. He marked the great role of women in the upbringing of the younger generation in line with true Islam.

“From time immemorial, the rules from the first step of are given to us by our mothers, grandmothers and ostabikeler (respectable women) that help people get the basic knowledge of Islam. And for that we should be grateful to them. The Noble Quran says: “Stay together for the religion of Allah, do not divide and remember the favor of Allah to you.” He wished the Congress a fruitful work for the benefit of the whole society, “- Kamil Khazrat said.

The indispensable role of the beautiful half of humanity in society marked also Irek Arslanov , head of development languages and interaction with public organizations. He said that the hands of Muslim women in lie not only on children, but also men.

According to Imam-mukhtasib of Kazan Mansur Hazrat Dzhyalyaletdinov that it is very encouraging that such a large scale event takes place, as in the recent past about such event on could only dream of, and meeting of Muslim women was held secretly in the cellars of various mosques.

Muslim women of the republic today have adopted a resolution on the issues that they think are most relevant now. According to them, last time traditional family values are being lost. Among youth, terms such as “civil marriage”, “open relationship”, are becoming popular, spreading vices such as immorality, homosexuality, pedophilia and pornography. Changing the criteria of good and evil, through the introduction of new media, often false moral standards, ignoring the traditional spiritual values of the people leads to a crisis of institutions of family, childhood. Result – the moral degradation of society and depopulation.

But according to the head of the Union Naila Ziganshina there are many unresolved problems and challenges.

“So despite the approval of the RT Ministry of Science and Education to go to school in a Muslim headscarf, there are many cases where pupils are asked in a forced way not to go to an educational institution in a scarf. We want to write an appeal to the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Tatartsan with the request not to prohibit RT schools, for pupils to walk in national dress – headscarves, “- Naila Aliyeva said in his speech.

Activists also made a proposal to organize a Union of Soldiers’ Mothers.

We remind, in 2005 on the initiative of RT RBV Kazan hosted the First Congress of Muslim women. At the congress, the NGO “Union of Muslim Tatarstan” was set up. Over the past period of time almost completely the goals and objectives that were raised at the First Congress of Muslim Tatarstan were realized and attained. In RT regions and towns branches of organization “Union of Muslim Tatarstan” have been established. A program of the branches has been developed . The courses for learning Tatar for youth were arranged, Russia’s first national “School of brides” opened , various competitions, festivals and much more were implemented.

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