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Parisian meeting with creativity of Ravil Bukharaev

Parisian meeting with creativity of Ravil Bukharaev

In Paris, the Russian Centre of Science and Culture, October 16, 2015, hosted a creative meeting in memory of Ravil Bukharaev, poet, novelist, playwright, translator, researcher. It was attended by residents of Russian compatriots in France and the French public as well as special guests of the Paris Forum Tatarstan compatriots.

Creative meeting organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan in cooperation with the association “Dialogic prospects” and with the support of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) and its offices in Paris – Russian Center for Science and culture.

The meeting was opened by Louisa Bukharaeva, organizer of the meeting and the president of the French association “Dialogic prospects.”

Igor Shpynov , director of the Russian Center of Science and Culture welcomed the present. He noted in his speech the significance and symbolic of the opened event for further development of cooperation between Tatarstan and the French Mission of Rossotrudnichestvo in Paris.

Also welcoming remarks were made by Iskander Yusupov, Plenipotentiary Representative of the Republic of Tatarstan in France.

Louisa Bukharaeva, organizer and host of the meeting, dealt with at poetry, writers, research, civil, personal creativity facets of Ravil Bukharaev. She stressed: “All works by Ravil Bukharaev, whether poetry or prose, artistic text or another, regardless of the elements of his Word – is serendipity, acuteness, sincerity. They impress by actual infinity.” She recalled the words by Ravil that he saw sense of his life in , “the desire to tell about us, Tatars, and our great culture around the world.” He saw the meaning of his life “in the service to God and his people.” Do not remain without attention his political intuition and civil liability.

Participants of the meeting listened with interest to a video message by t Lydia Grigorieva, poetess and widow of Ravil Bukharaev.

A brilliant speech by Razil Valeev, writer and poet, public and state figure of Tatarstan, deputy of the State Council of Tatarstan, Chairman of Tatarstan State Council on Culture, Science, Education and National Affairs, told about his meetings with Ravil in life and poetry, who knew Ravil still since student days, caused a genuine interest of the public. Razil Valeev, having read poems, spoke about the importance of Bukharaev’s creativity, stressed the importance of continuing work on the legacy of the author, in particular by drawing up his complete bibliography. Razil Valeev expressed hope that such meetings, telling about the persons , multiply cultural values; representing culture, science, education, Tatarstan, should be continued in Paris.

Liya Zagidullina, the creator of the original authorial TV programs and films, People’s Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, head of the national TV broadcast of the branch VGTRK

STRC “Tatarstan”, presented a film about the life and works by Ravil Bukharaev.

Rinat Akhmetzyanov, a journalist, a follower and friend of Ravil Bukharaev, created together with him a series of “Conversations about North Islam” (Internet resource Tatarinform; International Eurasian Prize 2013, Kazan), spoke about the spiritual path and presented the latest book by the author “History of Russian Islam . Talks on North Islam. ”

At the meeting sounded translated into French poems and prose pieces – the result of the translation of the Competition Latio français ouvert 2015 earlier opened by the Association “Dialogic Prospects” in partnership with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Alliance Francaise – Kazan. The winners have been awarded the author’s books .

Parisian poetess, literary critic, musician Lesya Tyshkovsky sang put by her on music the poems by Ravil Bukharaev.

Lilia Valeyeva, journalist and head of the association Tatars Belgium, spoke about the important contribution of Ravil Bukharaev in view of the Tatar language abroad, that his work – an example of not only respect for the mother tongue, but also the support of the Tatar compatriots who live outside of Tatarstan outside of Russia. Lilia Valeyeva read poems by the author “Backwards does not run to the sources …”

Students of the Paris Institute of Oriental Languages participated in translation of presentations from Russian into French, stating their interest to devote their research work – coursework, dissertations to Ravil Bukharaev’s creativity.

The song “Shagyyr” (poet) to the music of Rustam Yakhin and words by G.Tukay was performed by Vladimir Vasiliev – Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, the soloist of the G. Tukai Tatar State Philharmonic, a soloist of the Tatar Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Jalil; “Vocalise” by Rachmaninov performed Alfiya Mansurova – the winner of the international competition and Roman Chuynov – Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan – all classical

Russian and Tatar folk music sounded on this day in the Hall of Mirrors of the Russian center in Paris, having created a unique atmosphere of unity around high spirit and depth of Ravil Bukharaev’s creativity.

Finally, Louisa Bukharaeva said a word of thanks to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan for their support in the preparation of the Paris event and hoped that the Parisian dimension of Ravil Bukharaev’s creativity would not limited to this one event. The association “Dialogic Prospects” will implement new projects both in the original work of this devotee of Kazan and Tatarstan thinker of truly world scale, as well as other representatives of the wealthy Tatar culture. Reasonable assurance of this was the transfer of Ravil Bukharaev’s books to the library of the Russian Center.

Creative meeting was held in a high spiritual and emotional tone, leaving no one indifferent in the room.

Text: Louisa Bukharaeva, president of the association “Dialogic prospects”, Paris

Photo: Natalia Medvedev, president of the association

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