On Wednesday, February 10, in the hall of the Penza stylish restaurant “Seventh Heaven” a master class on the national home baking was held. With the support of Tatar autonomy of the Board and personally Chairman of Tatar National Cultural Autonomy Bakir Usmanovich Akzhigitov this event has become the implementation of one of the paragraphs of the annual plan of Penza representative of All-Russian public organization Tatar women “Ak kalfak”. The meeting opened a charming Elmira Vasilyeva, a leader of the Penza Tatar ladies. A charming because in her image harmoniously intertwined the elements of Tatar expensive suit and a garment of modern elegant ladies from business world. A kalfak of colored ripe cherries, studded with ruby beads, became a kind of beacon, and the center of admiring yet before the event. And if someone else yesterday doubted wear or not to wear Tatar jewelry, today the hall just elated from a variety of accessories and symbols of national Tatar belongings. This is a confirmation that the team is ready to follow the example of their leader, and is glad to show Tatar fashions.

Thus, the beginning of the master-class … Elmira read welcome poems in the Tatar language, announced the theme of culinary lessons and introduced the maker of the Tatar dishes, chairman of the rural cooperative “Altyn Kullar ” from village Kuteevki of the Belinsky district of Penza region Firdaus Tumerkina.

Journalists, operators of local media, however, as all of the guests, quietly swallowed salivating, because the king of the of today’s meeting PYARYAMYACH has been appointed.

These days when the eastern calendar celebrates the New Year, meeting with PYARYAMYACh, just what we needed. A well-known fact that PYARYAMYACH is a symbol of the sun, representing coupling of flour, dough – a source of energy and meat, giving new strength and stimulating the mind! If a Pyaryamyach on the table, joy, love and prosperity reign at home.

Firdaus has started to work, saying a prayer “Bissmilya, iirraahman irrahim … A particular attention is sharpened on the quality of mixing of Tatar quick test without yeast, expertly laying the ingredients one by one. Fresh ground beef was cleverly connected with finely chopped onion, salt, pepper. Next, blintzes rolled out from already ripened dough of the size of tea tray. They all were joined in a formation of the solar circle of dough and meat, noting that each hand molds pyaryamyach in its own way. Whether it seems or in fact, we have incredibly quickly coped with the dough piece and

Firdaus has already started to bake delicious round pies in a pan.

Meanwhile, friends on the “Ak kalfak” shared recipes with newspapermen for preparation of other masterpieces.

Qadiriya Akbulatova brought a treat to wonder, a goose with apples, tangerines and apricots with a golden crispy crust and carefully decorated legs by white napkins.

Another delicacy, a dessert cake called “Veil of Syuyumbike” has been photographed by each guest, and later, at the cup of tea, on the tongue of all those present. The author of this air goodies, our Elmira Vasilyeva was recognized also as a wonderful hostess. Well, talent in all – this is a national trait of Tatar women!

Hot, piping heat pyaryamyachi were met at the tea table with perky songs. Tatar couplets were supported easily because first singer, turned out to be Gulsina Rafekova, our singer from Governor’s chapel.

Manta, cottage cheese crumb pie with currants, chak-chak, amber honey, flavored tea-all this is a center of pleasure and taste means Life.

And around each other –native people, Tatars! Young in spirit, good in fact, hard-working and motivated. Nobody parted in a hurry, photo-shooting with full trays … plans for the near future, good memories and jokes …

-Byaryakyat Yausyn duslaryma !!! A pleasant smart day and a lot of positive emotions, – Ravilya Akzhigitova from the village

Poleologovo of the Bessonovsky district shared her impressions . “Even my dolls like this event, you can see how they smile! I invite everybody to the next master class on making dolls in national costume. See you in spring !!!

Editor of info site. Member of “Ak kalfaka” Leila Trengulova

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