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Sabantui Singapore style

Sabantui Singapore style

Sabantuy with Tatars and Bashkirs of Turkey, Finland and Russia was held last weekend in Singapore. To celebrate plow fete came 25 people – members of the six international families. The holiday participants communicated in English, but also tried to talk to each other in Russian and Tatar.

– First of all , the holiday was arranged for our children, who are not familiar with the traditions of the people, – says organizer of Sabantui Elvira Louis ( Khabibulina ) .

– Now they know why our ancestors carried out such a holiday, what it means. They played the national games – sack races , running with a spoon and egg search coins in yogurt – tried to do everything for real, with the decorations and the organization of games helped Tatar from Turkey Rushan Bikur Yazikioglu. Furthermore, the participants prepared national dishes – there were belesh, uchpochmak and pilaf on the table.

– Many years ago I left Kyrgyzstan, and I really miss this ethnic flavor – says Elvira . – Here in Singapore , here is a Russian community, they meet compatriots, but Tatars and Bashkirs not yet were gathered. Now, we are planning to meet families every three months.

– It is very important while away from homeland , to preserve our culture and language – says participant of Sabantui, Meleuz native, currently – Head of PR- agency for Russian companies in Asia Larks digital agency Gulnara Yakupova . – Especially important are meetings for the children so that they know who are their ancestors, how their national music sounds, costumes look like.

Newspaper “Respublika Bashkortstan “

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