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Tamada Show Festival

Tamada Show Festival

Festival “Tamada(Toasmaster) show” will be held April 12 at the G.Tukai Tatar State Philharmonic Society.

At the festival, “Tamada show” Kazan-known designer Zarina Babadjanova will present luxury wedding dresses from her collection. In the lobby, an interesting entertainment program will be presented.

The annual festival of residents “Tamada show”- bright and big spring event. On one stage the most famous and popular presenters of Kazan get crossed. Spectators of the festival expect a lot of positive and laugh star performances of Tatar pop. This year the festival will decorate the most popular couples of Tatar song culture. The nail of the program 2016 – show-ballets of Kazan, who are known for their enchanting performances around the Volga region.

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