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“Tatarmultfilm” launches project to create a national cartoon about the crowd favorite from the village Aldermesh

“Tatarmultfilm” launches project to create a national cartoon about the crowd favorite from the village Aldermesh

Association “Tatarmultfilm” with the information support of the newspaper “Business Online» launches narodnyymultfilm.rf and begin shooting the animated film “Aldermeshtan Almandar” (“Almandar from the village Aldermesh”) on the comedy by Tufan Minnullin. More than 30 years of comedy was a success on the stage of Kamal theatre, and today its legendary hero has a chance to be reborn in the animated image. Budget cartoon, which is scheduled to take off on the latest animation technology – 7.8 millions rubles. Own funds “Tatarmultfilma” for the project is not enough. Initiative of multipliers can support people, who are not indifferent to its culture.


The idea of creating the cartoon “Aldermeshtan Almandar” originated within the walls of the association “Tatarmultfilm.” Studio director Azat Ganiev recalls unprecedented success of the comedy that has been running n on stage of Kamal theater for over 30 years. The audience greeted the actors standing, and accompanied with tears in their eyes. And the hero Almandar, brilliantly was played by actor Shaukat Biktimirov, became a symbol of an era.

“Comedy for many years has been the hallmark of Kamal theater. I personally know people who do a lot of times watched this show, and then led their children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to see this performance on stage Kamal theater. As time passes – it may forgotten. We can not let this happen. Thanks to animated film we will be able to return the good old man Almandar to people, introduce him to the younger generation, “- says Azat Ganiev.

The idea of creating a cartoon has been supported by daughter of the playwright Alfiya Minnullina. “The performance was met with great success. It became loved by the people – says Alfiya Tufanovna. – The old man Almandar triumphs over death throughout his life because of his love for life and durability. In the play – the greatness of spirit and deep national character. We immediately supported this initiative of multipliers. I hope that the cartoon will love and those who remember the play, and the new, young audience”.

“Our task – to save the contents of the work and to make it as accessible and understandable. This is the first cartoon at Tatarstan level “, – said the chief director of” Tatarmultfilm” Sergei Kiatrov.


Creating cartoon “Aldermeshtan Almandar” according to multipliers would be a breakthrough in the Tatar animation, because in this cartoon concept created at the expense of the people on one of the most important and popular works. But to realize such a large project a lot of investments are required. As described in the “Tatarmultfilm”, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation today set the price per minute of animation in the amount of 300 thousand rubles and above. Based on these calculations the budget cartoon about Almandar is estimated at 7.8 millions rubles.

The creators of the cartoon do not doubt that the project will be support by thousands of people. If it will be so, the cartoon “Aldermeshtan Almandar” will be the first cultural project in Tatarstan kraudfandingovym of such magnitude.

“We are ready to invest their own funds. But they are not enough, so people need help. Crowd-funding projects – a relatively new phenomenon in Russia, but it is rapidly gaining popularity. In another such projects are called folk ones. The bottom line is that people are interested in the project, finance it. Contribute to its creation and receive a bonus. To maintain a cartoon, just go to the site narodnyymultfilm.rf in the “Bonus” to pay – says A. Ganiev. – However Crowd-funding – is not just an opportunity to support the project, it is a chance to create something together, it will be interesting to millions of people ”


For those who are willing to support the project, “Tatarmultfilm” has prepared a large number of gifts. The man himself will be able to choose a prize that will depend on the amount contributed by them. Exclusive T-shirt with the image of Almandar, presentation of the book and gift comics, invitations to recitals and artistic council.

But that’s not all. There are bonuses that are able to implement as much of our children and even adults dream. I’m sure many have dreamed to see their name in the credits of the cartoon or become a co-producer of a creative project? With the project “Aldermeshtan Almandar” it has become possible. So, paying a bonus, you can add your name in the initial or final credits of the cartoon, to take part in the discussion of the cartoon in the making and even take a seat of co-producer of the cartoon.

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