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С долгожданным событием татар Австралии поздравил муфтий РТ.
С долгожданным событием татар Австралии поздравил муфтий РТ.

Tatars in the Australian Adelaide held a housewarming

This past Sunday, Tatars in Adelaide (Australia) celebrated Sabantui.

This year, in Adelaide, this beloved by Tatars and their friends fete was doubly enjoyable. Tatars held a housewarming. In the run-up to Sabantui, a house of worship and the Tatar Public Center named after Leila Sadri opened.

In his letter to the Board of the World Congress of Tatars, Tatar imam of Adelaide Mahallya Bulat Hazrat Ishmukhammetov writes:

Constructing of a house united all the Tatars living in Adelaide. The building has a mosque, an office, “house” of Imam , a community center. There is a place for iftar, presentations, meetings of female ensemble “Ak Kalfak”, national children’s Sunday school, book club and a hall for film showings in the Tatar language. It could be said that an island of Tatarstan finally will appear in Adelaide where every Tatar may come and talk Tatar or regain an emotional harmony in the walls of a temple. Friday sermons in Tatar already have become a tradition…

This year the Australian Diaspora of Tatars experienced a whole series of remarkable events. This is publication and presentation of a book about the Tatars of Australia in English, published by the Government of South Australia. Authors – Aisha and Ziya Maski. This is preparation of memoirs by Syumbel Valif (for which the author was awarded the prestigious award of East Turkestan).

Tatar community of Adelaide was congratulated on housewarming by Chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars Rinat Zakirov. His greeting from Kazan to Australia were brought by singers Hamdun Timergalieva and Marcel Vagizov invited to Sabantui on the fifth continent. The warmest congratulations were conveyed also by Hazrat Mufti of Tatarstan Kamil Samigullin.

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