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The final of  contest “Tatar kyzy-2019” in Udmurtia:  triumph of beauty, talent and  high level of organization

The final of contest “Tatar kyzy-2019” in Udmurtia: triumph of beauty, talent and high level of organization

September 28, 2019

On September 27, the State Opera and Ballet Theater of Udmurtia became a center of triumph of true beauty, grace, talent of Tatar girls and Tatar national traditions. It was here that the final of the international contest “Tatar kyzy-2019” was held. And it should be noted that our neighbors coped with such great responsibility at the highest level.

On the stage of the State Opera and Ballet Theater of Udmurtia, the participants of “Tatars kyzy-2019” performed in various competitions, including choreographic and vocal ones. 14 finalists rehearsed under the guidance of professional choreographers and teachers in vocals, stage skills, and art of speech. Some of the girls began preparing for the contest long before the final. The selection of the winner of the jury was not far easy – all the finalists were one more talented than the other. And each contestant was recognized as a winner in one of the nominations. And the representative of Uzbekistan was named the main winner.

The winner of Tatar Kyzy-2019, Lilia Kamilova, was presented with a car and a crown made by Zlatoust craftsmen in the shape of a Kazan headwear. Each of the contestants also received prizes: a tablet, a set of cosmetics and other gifts.

According to the rules of the competition, the international final “Tatar kyzy-2020” should be held in the homeland of the winner – in Uzbekistan.


Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, Chairman of the National Council of the World Tatar Congress Vasil Shaykhraziev:

“We were able to organize the finals of the Tatar Kyzy-2019 contest in Izhevsk with the full support of the leadership of the Republic of Udmurtia. For which many thanks to them. We are neighboring republics. We are observing and proud of the success of our neighbors. As two national republics, having common borders, it is very important for us to live in friendship, respect and understanding. ”

Chief of  Administration of  Head of Government of the Udmurt Republic Sergey Smirnov:

“This contest is important for  development of both the Tatar language and Tatar culture. It is important for establishing friendly relations between the regions of Russia. And the fact that the competition is international and is attended by girls from foreign countries, suggests that it is growing every year, interest in the Tatar culture is growing. It is a great honor for Udmurtia to host such a contest. We tried to create comfortable conditions for all participants so that each of them leaves a piece of Udmurtia in their heart. ”

President of the international contest “Tatars Kyzy” Lena Kolesnikova:

“This year’s contest is being held for the ninth time. And I am pleased that it takes place on the eve of two important dates – the 100th anniversary of the TASSR and the 100th anniversary of Udmurtia. I want to thank the leadership of Udmurtia for their warm hospitality and  opportunity to exchange experiences and work with our colleagues. The contest is developing stronger and stronger every year: its geography is growing, and the popularity of the project is growing. Hundreds of thousands of young girls have probably passed through the vents of our project. And they after competition do not remain aloof from vigorous activity. They are the initiators of the same projects, similar projects in their own field. ”



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