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The IV Tatar folk festival held in Tyumen Oblast

The IV Tatar folk festival held in Tyumen Oblast

April 5, at the “Stroitel (Builder)”, Oblast Palace of National Culture (OPNC), the final IV regional Tatar folk festival took place.

The founders and organizers of the festival – the Committee on Nationalities of the Tyumen oblast the Department of Culture of the Tyumen oblast, the Palace of national cultures “Builder” , the Congress of Tatars of the Tyumen oblast . Author of the project – head of the Department of Culture KTTO Valina Sagitovna Tashkalova.

The aim of the festival – preservation and development of traditional folk culture of Siberian Tatars, authentic folklore, ethnic traditions. Task – identifying collectives and performers of Tatar folklore, improving their skills; ethnographic support of the groups; increasing public interest in the study of folk customs and rituals of Tatar; drawing attention to the problems of preserving Tatar folklore.

Within three (February to April, 2014) months, the contests-reviews of folk groups and performers in towns and regions in south of the Tyumen oblast were under way. The festival participants are as adults groups and performers, so children’s groups. The creative items of the participants were rated by: technique, artistry, artistic production of items, entertainment, line style. And here are the best – 173 participants ( 16 collectives, 9 performers and 14 authors of works on fine arts and decorative applied art ) – appeared in the final in front of the audience and the jury. The presentations were very interesting and informative.

While the jury summed up, a special guest of the festival – a young folk singer, winner of the republican, Russian and International competitions Sirin Zainutdinova of Kazan the performed before the audience . Tyumen residents were delighted by her strong and beautiful voice, bestowed her with a thunderous applause and ovation.

The winners were awarded prizes (audio and home appliances). Special prizes were donated by sponsors of the festival. The artists, having won the first prizes, will go to the Russian folk festival “Tugaryak uen”, which is to be held in Kazan, in June 2014.

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