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The Muslim group held the First Forum of Femininity in Lipetsk

The Muslim group held the First Forum of Femininity in Lipetsk

On Sunday, April 2, 2017, in Lipetsk, in the building of the Department of Youth Policy of the Lipetsk region, the first Forum of Feminity took place. The initiator of its holding was the religious organization of Muslims of the Lipetsk region – the women’s group “Muslim”. The event was attended by representatives of the Department of Internal Policy of the Lipetsk region, as well as representatives of other faiths. From Ryazan, an assistant to the Imam of the Religious Board of Muslims  of the Ryazan Region, Marina Savicheva, came to the forum.

– In all countries, reverence for the mother woman, who cares about the family, is its center. Women have long struggled for equality. However, having achieved their goal, they lost a lot. Today the world is ruled by men, but it is from us, women, the world depends in the family, in the country, and in the world – welcoming the  Forum  participants, said the head of the regional department of internal policy Larisa Boeva.

So what is she, a modern role of women? Speeches of representatives of denominations gave rise to a small discussion. Larisa Shilova, chairman of the council of the regional Jewish national-cultural autonomy, cited examples from Jewish history. Proceeding from them, she concluded: Jewish women are wayward, but charming, have a strong character, sometimes commit illogical actions, but more than once they have saved their people.

A special guest of the forum was Gulbika Khairulvarina – publisher of the glossy women’s magazine about Muslim women “Aisha” and a family consultant. “Divide and conquer is a male theme. We women should unite and unite “- Gulbika-khanum is sure. She is convinced that a woman should not wear trousers, because a man involuntarily begins to compete with her. Ladies do not need  trousers because the role of women – to make a man happy. And in order to look amazing and stylish, there are a lot of outfits, for example, dresses long  to the floor.

The fact that long dresses – it’s beautiful,  students of Lipetsk universities are convinced  – participants in a fashion show arranged during the forum.

The organizers of the Forum were able to create a very warm home atmosphere. The women brought homemade cakes and it was all so delicious that in the first minutes of the coffee break everything was swept  across the guests’ plates.

At a small break, women of different faiths and nationalities enjoyed talking and exchanging phones. And all unanimously came to the conclusion that such forums have a great future! There  many new unifying ideas   have appeared  that  would like to be  embodied soon!

After the event, the Muslim sisters gradually moved to the prayer room. The atmosphere there was so warm and easy to communicate, that topics for discussion appeared one after another and we did not notice that  time was approaching the night! The time has come to disperse, but we agreed that by the grace of the Most High we will hold such Forums – we are the women who bring up future generations, and as you know, there are no  alien children! –  assistant to the imam of the RBM of the Ryazan region Marina Savicheva shared her impressions.

The main goal of this event was to strengthen the family institution, the revival of femininity. Forum promoting family values, is designed to encourage  development and strengthening of creative and business ties between the Forum participants and  development of interethnic and inter-confessional relations in the region.

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