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The Alliance of the Tatars of Europe adopted new members

The Alliance of the Tatars of Europe adopted new members

Оn April 7, after lunch, an  expanded meeting of the Alliance of Tatars of Europe (ATE) continued its work.

Regina Schegoleva from Switzerland told about the Tatar-Bashkir organization Yuldash, established in December 2015, whose leader she is. According to her, about three hundred Tatars, natives of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen, and Astrakhan regions live in Switzerland. Last year on June 4 they held the first Sabantuy, this year the plow festival is scheduled for July 4th. In her speech, Regina stressed the need for a single brand – the Tatar ornament, having  offered her own version.

Fawzia Khadiullina from the Estonian capital of Tallinn dedicated her speech to the role of the media in covering a cultural and historical life of the Tatars of Europe. According to her, the radio “Dyslyk”, which has been on the air for 4 years, has helped many Tatars to preserve their identity. Fauziya Khanum also presented a film about Estonian Tatars, shot in-house.

Deputy chairman of the association “Italy Tatarlary” Venera Abdulkhalikova made an overview of events from the life of the Tatars in this country.

Head of the “Alifbe ” organization of Budapest, Rita Khasanova, spoke about the joint project of Tatarstan and Hungary. During the years of imprisonment during  sad famous Gulag two writers became friends: Tatar Ayaz Gilyazov and Hungarian Arpad Galgotsi. Many years later, at the request of a scientist from Tatarstan, Milyausha Khabutdinova, Mr. Galgotsi was found and restored old ties. In October last year, a Hungarian writer came to Kazan, met with the family of Ayaz Gilyazov. In Hungary, for two months, Gilyazov’s novel “Yagez, Ber Doga” has been  translated, and  published with a financial assistance of the public fund “Gulag”.  May 11, a film “Bibinur” based on the works of Ayaz Gilyazov will be shown. Rita Khasanova also raised the issue of the contest “Europe gazule”.

This topic was continued by Anuza Zaterlund from Sweden. She gave more information about the contest.

Head of the Tatar organization from the Lithuanian Nemezhis, Tair Kuznetsov, spoke about preparations for the 3rd Pan-European Sabantui, which will be held in Vilnius on July 1. Continuing the theme of Sabantui,  chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars Rinat Zakirov invited all those present to the Parisian Sabantui on May 25.  Deputy chairman of ATE, Venera  Vagizova, said that this year Sabantui will be held in Malta for the first time.

Rinat Akhunov –  head of the organization “Idel” from Latvia reported about  publication of books of poems   by  Tukai and Jalil in the Tatar and Latvian languages. In plans – release of Tatar fairy-tales on Latvian, and Latvian fairy tales in the Tatar languages. The attendees were also informed that on April 26 a direct flight between Kazan and Riga opens.

Chairman of the Alliance of Tatars of Europe, Flyur Sharipov said that in 2018, the all-European Sabantui will be held in Tallinn. He proposed a Sabantuy logo of the Tatars of Europe. The proposed logo was discussed. Flyur Sharipov also informed the participants of the meeting that according to the decision of the European Commission, 2018 was declared the year of the national cultures of Europe.

The participants of the ATE extended meeting adopted a work plan for 2017-2019. The plan also reflects  current extended meeting in Oxford, and  scientific and practical conference “Tatars in World History”,  organization and holding  of the selection rounds and finals of the “Auropa Gozyale” competition, the 3rd European Sabantuy, participation in the 6th World Congress of Tatars, An extended ATE meeting in 2018 in Brussels, the 4th Pan-European Sabantuy in 2018 in Tallinn, and the 3rd ATA Congress in 2019 in Vienna.

At the meeting, new members were admitted to the ATE. This is “Dialogic Perspectives” (France, chairman Luisa Bukharaeva), “Yuldash” (chairman Regina Schegoleva).

The meeting ended with  adoption of the resolution and singing a hymn of all Tatars “Tugan tel” on the words of Tukai.

In the evening, the meeting participants attended a creative evening dedicated to the memory of Ravil Bukharaev.

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