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In Miass  festival “Uralym”  takes place

In Miass festival “Uralym” takes place

In the city of Miass, the Regional Festival of Turkic Peoples “Uralym” -2017 was held. From all over the Chelyabinsk region, as well as from the Republic of Bashkortostan, vocal and dance groups, solo performers gathered to compete for the title of the best!

The honor of the city of Magnitogorsk was defended by nurslings  of the Tatar and Bashkir departments at the House of Friendship of Peoples. Namely,  a vocal ensemble “Yoldyz” (presenter Liana Gabdrakhmanova), a dance group “Dulkyn” ( chief  Tatyana Suyarko).

The competition was held in two stages: the first phase  – listening to all the participants, the second phase –  performance of the very most at the gala concert, according to the competent jury,  and awarding the winners.

The weather pampered us with its warmth and the sun. In a word, the stars were on our side!

In anticipation of the results of the contest, we took advantage of the moment and congratulated  on the 66th birthday  our oldest participant – Nail Mukhamedshin!

By 4:00 pm the list of speakers for the gala concert was posted. So, the second item  went on the stage to conquer with their vocals  and  charm  the girls from the ensemble “Yoldyz”, who sang a sensual and lyrical composition “Nurly Kazan” (“Radiant Kazan”). A bright conclusion of the evening was the performance of our dancing team “Dulkyn” with an item  “Three generations” (the Mukhamedshins family), who won the hearts of the audience and the jury with their charm and skill!

The drum roll … ..and all the participants of the gala concert are invited to the stage to announce the main intrigue of the Saturday evening! Luck smiled Magnitogorsk! The Diploma of the third prize winner is awarded to the ensemble of Tatar dance “Dulkyn” in  nomination “Choreography”. The vocal ensemble “Yoldyz” became  Laureate of the 1st degree and was awarded with a special prize of the Tatar Congress of the Chelyabinsk region on behalf of Lena Rafikovna Kolesnikova.

It is impossible not to say about the friendly atmosphere that reigned at the spring holiday! I want to thank the organizers of the festival, our leaders of the Tatar department for the opportunity to realize their talents at the regional level!

Based on the materials of the group “Tatars of Magnitogorsk “Yalkin.”

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