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Theater “Nur” showed Ryazans meeting with the past

Theater “Nur” showed Ryazans meeting with the past

November  23, 2019

The seventh “Date at the Theater” was held at the Ryazan Drama Theater on November 21. The play “A Woman from the Past” based on a play by the German playwright Roland Schimmelpfennig was presented by the troupe of the Ufa State Tatar Theater “NUR”. The performance was in the Tatar language with simultaneous translation.

The play is widely represented in European theaters, and its author, whom the theater press not without reason calls a fashion playwright, currently holds the position of permanent author of the German Drama Theater Hamburg (Germany).

Four acting heroes who do not leave the limits of one room play a mystical detective story about love and hatred, duty and betrayal, and most importantly, responsibility for their promises and the need to keep them, even if they were given many years ago. The author reminds us that the past does not disappear anywhere, sooner or later it will remind of itself.

The highly professional game of the performance participants does not distract from what is happening on the stage, keeps the viewer in constant tension, making us wonder what is happening here, allowing us to be in the thick of things. A completely unexpected denouement completes the play, leaving, as theater-goers now say, “a wonderful theatrical aftertaste.”




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