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Those scholars, who offer methods of assimilation of peoples sell gamy product

Those scholars, who offer methods of assimilation of peoples sell gamy product

After parting with communist ideas Russia did not abandon form opposing itself to the Western world, particularly, foremost ion in issues of the NATO expansion, and today in connection with the Ukrainian events. However, alongside within the country, from time to time, heated chauvinistic sentiments in the form of attacks on the sovereignty of Tatarstan, sometimes as a campaign against those persons of “Caucasian nationality”,are triggered, finally, migrants became an image of the enemy that in some regions resulted in physical fights. Game on growing chauvinistic sentiments is dangerous, it can easily turn against initiators, and in the long term does not pay dividends to no nation.

Current politicians calling for a Great statehood should understand the nature of the original multi-ethnic Russian. From this true feature one can not avoid in principle, there is no such method. Neither this legislation can not help, nor even an authoritarian regime and the eviction of people. Those scholars who offer methods of assimilation of peoples, are selling tainted product, knowing that there is in principle “melting pot.” How much multinationality is rooted nature of Russia, recent events have shown. Creating a “Greater Russia”, working with compatriots, “returning” of the territory, Moscow gets “in addition” to the Russians, but also l Tatars, Ukrainians and other nationalities. It happened in the Crimea, where, along with the restoration of the rights of Russian language, a theme has appeared of returning the rights of deported Crimean Tatars.

For A.S. Pushkin, like to all his contemporaries, it was obvious that a conglomeration of nations is really a great statehood by itself. Frenchman Marquis de Custine, having stayed in Russia, testifies about his conversation with the Emperor Nicholas I at the ball: “You think that you’re among the Russians, the sovereign said in this conversation, pointing at others. You are mistaken: this is – a German, this is – a Pole, those – Georgians, there – Finn, this – Tatar … And together it is Russia. “Emperors knew exactly what is Great Power Statehood because in their titles all lands and peoples were mentioned, “By Grace of God, We, NN, Emperor and Autocrat of All Russia, of Moscow, Kiev, Vladimir, Novgorod; Tsar of Kazan, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Polish, Tsar of Siberian, Tsar of Hersonissos Tauris, Tsar of Georgian, Grand Duke of Finland etc., etc., and other. “In the coat of arms over double-headed eagle, three crowns shine – symbols of conquered Kazan, Astrakhan and Siberian khanates. Autocracy, by definition, could not represent itself purely by Russian Orthodox or exclusively by the state. Historically, Russian statism is construed as the unity

of all nations and cultures what differed it from the republican form of government, which proclaimed the slogan of a civic nation.

Today a campaign is under way to protect the Russians in the Donetsk region, but if you dig a little and see the ethnic composition of the Donbas, we find Don Cossacks, Ukrainians, and even a small detachment of Tatar miners. It’s fate, or as expressed in the old days, their Destination – go hand in hand with other nations.

By the way, the emperors not only understood the importance of Tatars in uniting Eurasia, but also used them in international diplomacy and trade. Not casually along the borders of the empire in fortresses Tatar settlements were built, and even a Tatar city of Orenburg, designed for expansion into Central Asia. Literate Tatars were needed for it to broker and trade. This mission will inevitably be resumed soon since the Tatars never have been the instigators of unrest, they were stabilizing, integrating factor, carrying European knowledge.

Communication language to strengthen ethnic or inter-ethnic community needs its own style, which eliminates conflicts of interests implies a consensus of core community. It can not be the interests of ethnic dominance or territorial groups, dividing people into our own and others, the use of internal and external image of the enemy. It must be a positive motivation for which historical images and symbols are served.

Rafael Khakimov, “Business Online»

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