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Vasil Shaykhraziev: “All 8 million Tatars of the strategy are unlikely to applaud …”

Vasil Shaykhraziev: “All 8 million Tatars of the strategy are unlikely to applaud …”


Vasil Shaykhraziev: “All 8 million Tatars of the strategy are unlikely to applaud …”


May 01, 2019


“My decision has been  approved by all. It  could be  scolded , it  could be  not scolded, but we did not pay” said Vasil Shaikhraziev about the sums spent on the development of the Strategy for the Development of the Tatar People. After a month and a half, the long-awaited document will be presented on 150-200 pages with comments and even illustrations. As  chairman of the National Council “Milli Shura” reported at the Internet conference “BUSINESS Online”, the circulation of the strategy is planned to be huge – 8 million copies, according to a volume for each Tatar in the world.



“Two years ago, when the WCT congress took place  in August and I was elected Chairman of the national council, I stated that we need a development strategy of the WCT  as a management body,” said the chairman of the Milli Shura   National Council on the eve of the “Online Business” internet conference , Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Vasil Shayhraziev. As it turned out, a quarter of a century ago, the development of such a document had already begun. “But the work was not brought to a logical conclusion,” Shaykhraziev stressed. On September 24, President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, in his message, called for the completion of what had begun: “We are not drawn to the fact that the adoption of the Strategy for the Development of the Tatar People is delayed. It should be a document that consolidates the nation based on self-identification and common views on the past, present and future of the Tatar people. ”

After the order of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, several working groups were created – scientists of the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan, Institute of History. Mardzhani, as well as, one might say, an informal group. “The task was originally assigned to me and the team — I had to go to the people with the draft strategy,” said  deputy prime minister. – In order to understand, it is necessary or not necessary, interesting or uninteresting. Empty-handed – like “let’s write together” – it does not work. Anyway there had to be some kind of texture. And we created a project, although it cannot be called a project, it’s rather a sketch or, as someone said, a sketch, a skeleton,  … And on January 16, we first presented this sketch at Gabdulla Tukay’s homeland … . As soon as we begin to receive offers that have the right to enter into it, we immediately submit them. Sit and save offers for a whole month – no. Held a presentation in Arsk. At night, we received a proposal – and we immediately turn it on. The center of this work was the congress, we placed a sketch of the strategy on the WCT website and constantly add proposals to it. ”

Thus, ideas for the development of the Tatar people are going to the world on a thread. The Tatars of many Russian cities have been acquainted  with a sketch of the strategy and its slide presentation. Shaykhraziev paid tribute to the newspaper “Business Online”, which “created a platform for discussing the strategy.” “Everything that was done under your leadership, we saw, read, and automatically also made notes for ourselves. Together we will work on this project, there is no doubt, ” the Deputy Prime Minister. Now, according to him, the most difficult period is coming – it is necessary to put together everything that has been worked out, to unite all those who work on the strategy, to find a compromise in order to present the finished document. “All 8 million Tatars who will receive this strategy are unlikely to applaud,” said  chairman of the national council “Milli shura”. “After all, everyone has his own vision, his own world, his own knowledge, his own happiness, his own losses … Everyone will perceive the strategy in his own way …”



The strategy was based on four directions: education and science, culture, information space along with the media and Tatar life, which traditionally include family, ceremonies, spiritual code, religion … Although initially there were suggestions that you need to choose 6, and even 12 directions, but we  decided not to shallow, take only global. Moreover, as  Deputy Prime Minister stressed, “the strategy is written not only for Tatars who live in Tatarstan”.

The slogan of the strategy remains a slightly modified, slightly provocative phrase by Mardzhani: “Who am I, if not a Tatar”. “Actually, the strategy will be from the narrative, we think, pages 40-50, no more,” said Shaikhraziev. – But at the same time, it will be necessary to give explanations … We want to put asterisks on certain parts and further decipher them. Then the volume of the document will increase, as we assume, to 150-200 pages … Of course, illustrations will also be included … It is assumed that the project will be ready by June 15, because on June 13-14, one thousand Muslim spiritual leaders will gather in Kazan, and on June 15 they will go to the Bolgar. There we will acquaint them with our project. Then  we present it, we will have time until August to collect the final version. Perhaps, before August 30, Republic Day, at an expanded meeting of the national council of the WCT, we will adopt a strategy … ”

It is also planned to develop a roadmap for the strategy. Here it is, with specific plans, deadlines, performers, it may be a thousand pages. Of course, as  Deputy Prime Minister said, the adjustment of the strategy will be possible even after its adoption. He repeated that it was a living, developing organism. So, at the meetings of the National Council “Milli Shura”, which take place once a year, and even more so at the congresses of the World Tatar Congress, amendments will be made to the finished document.

Interestingly, it is planned to print 8 million copies of the strategy – literally for every living Tatar.




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